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    Examine these top brand marketing blogs to collect useful information to help you promote your products or services in a way that highlights your overall brand. Through these brank marketing blogs you will be able to link your identity, values, and personality with communications to your audience.

    Best Brand Marketing Blogs for 2021

    Interbrand’s Brand Channel is a comprehensive brand strategy site offering stacks of useful content, including breaking brand news, comprehensive glossaries, and groundbreaking interviews from the most powerful executives in the business. For some seriously inspiring Q&As, be sure to check out the 5 Questions section.

    Branding Insider Strategy is a site that features articles from some of the most impactful thought leaders working in the field of branding today. Features focus on a wide range of in-depth topics, such as brand psychology, innovative positioning techniques, and beneficial insight into customer experience.

    Branding Strategy Source, a blog written by international brand strategy consultant Brad VanAuken, serves up practical information on branding. Each post de-mystifies at least one aspect of branding and even provides helpful tools that streamline campaign organization and research.

    Brian Solis, the preeminent authority on digital analysis, graciously provides plenty of free content to his followers. Much of what he writes about tackles the deepest questions that cross the minds of marketers, like how to reflect social issues in campaigns, thoughts on disruptive technologies, and, most often, what campaigns will look like in the future.

    Branding expert Craig McBreen has jam-packed his blog with handy how-tos and tips lists that can act as smart guides for marketers of all disciplines, especially those working on the digital end. His content can also serve as a valuable asset for anyone attempting to build strategy, from the ground up.

    For over 20 years, Tom Fishburne, the chief cartoonist and founder of Marketoonist, has been crafting comic strip-style cartoons that often feature a self-deprecating view of the marketing world. After sending these nuggets of original humor to his colleagues for years, he has since gone on to include his cartoons in campaigns for some of the large global companies around. Marketoonit’s blog is brimming with insightful strategy-based insider posts on the biggest branding triumphs and misses. Of course, each post also features its own cartoon!

    BrandStruck’s blog pulls no punches when it comes to delivering thoughtful, well-informed, and super useful info on all things brand strategy. In addition to featuring news and case studies, the blog has also added quizzes to help you double-check or even formulate your own strategy from scratch.

    Richard Sauerman, better known by his alias, “The Brand Guy,” is an Australian branding powerhouse who travels around the world, giving lectures on the most cutting-edge, yet common-sense branding strategies. His blog/vlog is chock-full of everything from funny anecdotes on working in the marketing world to hard-hitting pieces that are so direct, you’ll have to read them yourself to believe them.

    BN Branding’s Brand Insight Blog provides a well-rounded set of literature for all branding professionals, no matter how far along in their career they may be. The blog features well-written pieces that focus in on every facet of well-practiced strategy, from logos to specialized small business branding, positioning, and beyond.

    Having operated for over 12 years, the branding strategy resource mainstay, Branding and Marketing Blog, has been around a long time for a reason – it brings simple, consistent information to professionals who rely on it the most. The best part? The blog goes beyond news and editorials by providing helpful checklists, resource lists, and valuable how-tos.

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