Hi, I'm Abelino. A Freelance Writer for B2B and Martech Companies.

As a website owner in the marketing or business space, you know that content is key. But finding good writers – and keeping them on staff – can be tough.

That’s where I comes in.

With over 15 years of print and digital experience, I’m a freelance copywriter who can handle multiple projects, people and clients at once.

In meetings, I’m the one who offers up the snazziest ideas – without resorting to marketing buzzwords.

So if you’re looking for someone to help take your website or blog to the next level, look no further. Let’s chat!

Abelino Silva


Abelino has 8+ years of experience as a Content Writer and WordPress Publisher. He is certified in SEO and is highly-proficient in Keyword Research, utilizing Google Keywords Planner and Ahrefs.

All references used are properly cited, with a QA process that includes Grammarly, Copyscape, and Readable.

Abelino has experience writing long-form blogs, short-form blogs, essays, technical writing, web copy, marketing copy, and video-based content.

His fluid writing style adapts to a brand’s tone and purpose. All of his work conforms to Google’s quality guidelines and he is dedicated to meeting deadlines.


Long-form Blogs


Short-form Blogs




Technical Writing


Web Copy


Marketing Copy


Video-based Content


Keyword Research


Google Keywords Planner


Content Writing Service

Content writing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. A study showed that 60% of brands who blog end up acquiring more customers. As they say in the digital age, “Content is king.”

Abelino’s main line of work is content writing, and is very good at it. If you need help creating content for your website or blog, Abelino is a great choice.

SEO experts agree that one of the best ways to increase website traffic is to publish at least one high-quality blog post each week. If you don’t have time to produce quality content, consider contracting someone else to write for you, or simply don’t bother.

A haphazard attempt at starting a blog will not be worth your time and energy.

Abelino can help with seven years of experience writing web-optimized content and using WordPress.


Content Updating Service

It’s important to keep your existing content updated, as this shows Google that you’re keeping your information relevant and up-to-date. This will lead to higher rankings in search results.
If updating posts doesn’t sound motivating, let Abelino help! He can tidy things up, add new content, and work out SEO strategies.


What is a writer without their accolades? Here are some testimonials from clients I’ve worked with so far. Hopefully you’ll be on this list next. 🙂

Abelino is one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with.

Abelino is diligent in his research, finding a wide range of expert quotes and resources for every piece, and always submits his assignments on time and with a high level of quality. Not only does Abelino produce best-in-class work, but he’s also easy to work with — Abelino is flexible, quick to respond, and polite and professional. I am always pleased with the articles Abelino provides to us, and would recommend him to anyone looking for support for their content strategy!

Richard Schreier

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fox n Hounds

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If you’re looking for someone to help improve your website or blog, Abelino is a great choice.

He is a freelance copywriter, editor, creative strategist and all-around content wrangler. In addition, he is certified in SEO and is highly proficient in keyword research, utilizing Google Keywords Planner and Ahrefs.

Contact Abelino today to see how he can help take your website or blog to the next level!

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