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We are open to receive well written insightful articles from leaders in marketing and business. Please read through our following guidelines is you would like to submit an article.


If the article is relevant, well researched and insightful you have a great chance of getting published. However, only a small percentage of articles are accepted due to the low-quality content and spammy links.

If you are interested in submitting an article contact:

Before Submitting Your Article

Before submitting your article for consideration be sure that the article follows the guidelines below:

  • Article should be 600+ words
  • The article must be well written and grammatically correct
  • Pass a Copyscape test
  • Is not published elsewhere on the web
  • Include any picture you would like included (must have ownership)
  • We retain the rights of the content that is submitted
  • Submission does not guarantee publication and will be rejected or told to revise if directions are not followed
  • We reserve the right to editing, rewording and omit parts of the post
  • We do not allow author bylines unless it is a sponsored post
  • We only allow niche relevant content and links
  • If your site and content does not have any topical relevancy it will not be considered

How To Write A Guest Post

Articles should be relevant to the content that is already published on the site, however, we are open to other related topics.

Topics most likely to fit with on our site will likely be related to one of the following topics:

b2b marketing
influencer marketing
marketing automation
top marketing
digital marketing agency
network marketing
seo marketing
video marketing
dental marketing
facebook marketing
small business marketing
search engine marketing
mobile marketing
web marketing
instagram marketing
real estate marketing
product marketing
healthcare marketing
youtube marketing
wordpress marketing
business marketing
ecommerce marketing
restaurant marketing
law firm marketing
marketing business
sms marketing
marketing analytics
experiential marketing
sports marketing
performance marketing
search marketing
marketing tech
hotel marketing
event marketing
brand marketing
music marketing
marketing technology
nonprofit marketing
technology marketing
viral marketing
niche marketing
fashion marketing
higher education marketing
guerilla marketing
marketing research
marketing management
retail marketing
app marketing
pharma marketing
multi level marketing
green marketing
direct response marketing
marketing communications
attraction marketing
book marketing

This is not a comprehensive list. If you have other ideas, feel free to send them through to see if the article is a proper fit for us.

Ensure that your article is properly cited with relevant sources, quotes, data and supporting evidence. We only allow 1 link, with 1 other authoritative link to support your data. Keep alllinks related to the content. We will not be accepting any sites that are irrelevant.


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Admittedly, we can’t do it alone. After all, when I say “we”, I really mean me. I could use your help. If you want to become a Factfluencer, and help me find great resources and manage my blog, shoot me an email at

– Cheers, Abelino Silva