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    Searching for the best real estate blogs? We know how putting products and services in front of the massive audience will increase your presence and sales which is why we collected these facebook marketing blogs to assist you.

    Best Real Estate Blogs for 2024

    One of the best real estate blogs (ahem), The Close offers everything you’ll need throughout your real estate career. Whether a new agent or a seasoned pro, you’ll find The Close’s lead generation and marketing techniques helpful. The blog has prelicensing guides, tech reviews, marketing templates, agent insights, recommendations for best real estate books, and fun real estate posts! Hopefully, you can feel our passion for building better agents through our articles.

    America’s premier real estate coach brings unmatched enthusiasm to helping real estate agents break out of sales ruts, learn new agent skills and lead generation techniques, and stay inspired. Tom Ferry excels in delivering impactful content through videos, which are featured prominently on his real estate blogspot. If you don’t have time to watch long videos, you can get the same actionable advice in his writing.

    Want social media tips and strategies from agents crushing it on Instagram? Then, the Coffee & Contracts blog should be your new daily read. Coffee & Contracts uses its extensive network of Instagram superstars like Eric Simon and Taya Dicarlo to dish out advice that works.

    Broke Agent Media is the brainchild of Eric Simon, who you probably know from his wildly popular Instagram account, The Broke Agent. But instead of spicy memes and skits, Broke Agent Media provides timely and actionable advice for agents trying to make a splash on social media.

    In addition to its prelicensing, exam prep, license renewal, and continuing education courses, did you know that The CE Shop has a blog called Agent Essentials? It offers various content, such as guidance on switching to a real estate career, filing your taxes as an agent, and understanding the different types of first-time homebuyers. Additionally, Agent Essentials provides tech tools and podcast recommendations, offering inspiration and actionable advice.

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