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    Best Hiring Blogs for 2022

    Hunted offers lots of industry content. You can browse posts or check the reading lists on various topics, such as moving jobs, improving productivity, etc. The website has one of the best designs among recruitment blogs, with a modern interface and fast loading times.

    Although Social Hire is primarily a social media marketing team, they have an entire section focused on recruitment. Their posts cover anything from using chatbots and other technology perks in the selection process to practices of hiring for a certain position. Small businesses and candidates will also find categories with suitable content for them.

    A tremendous HR resource for any professional, Clear Review is clearly one of the best HR blogs available online. Its content is loaded with valuable information for any business and HR leader. The site features articles based on people management, work culture, developmental conversations, technology, and engagement, among other topics. 

    Eric B. Meyer is a professional lawyer with expertise in the employment area. If you are interested in recruiting and employment from a legal point of view, this blog offers great content. 

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