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    Looking for the best B2B marketing blogs? The good ones give you real actionable advice, the kind of stuff they should charge for, but don’t. If you’re looking for help marketing your business, picking the wrong strategy could set you back months and many dollars. It doesn’t have to be that way – we’ve curated some of the best B2B marketing blogs out there for you.

    Best B2B Marketing Blogs for 2021

    SaaSquatch is a loyalty, referral and rewards platform changing the way companies do advocacy marketing. The SaaSquatch blog features step-by-step guides, resources, and research to help you engage your customer base and improve every metric from acquisition to monetization and retention.

    Go in-depth on the latest loyalty marketing trends, learn from industry leaders, and explore how the world's most innovative companies are using SaaSquatch to grow.

    Taktical Growth Hacks is a weekly blog and email dedicated to providing small hacks that can drastically increase conversions and revenue. 

    Every day the Social Hire team are experimenting with B2B Marketing tactics – and their blog pulls together actionable insights you can use in your own business to replicate the successes they are achieving with their B2B clients. Content is a mix of insights from Founder Tony Restell, alongside guest expert contributions spanning everything from social media marketing to email marketing to SEO and website conversion optimization. With over 3,000 specialist blogs, you are sure to find the expert insights you need to improve your B2B marketing results.

    Viralmango should be your first thought when you think about bullshit-free influencer marketing. It's your first stop for the latest knowledge, skills and trends on influencer marketing directly from the experts and leaders of the field. Calculate engagement rate, estimate rates of influencer posts and stories and have access to more than 2000 nano-influencers only on

    EntreResource is full of insightful, actionable tips and tactics for starting or growing your internet business. Internet entrepreneur Nate McCallister publishes 2x-3x per week and teaches his readers how to…

    • Become more productive online
    • Drive more sales through Amazon FBA
    • Become more effective in their marketing
    • And more!


    Growth Division helps startups find scalable channels to market by using their community of world-class growth marketing experts. The team have helped the likes of, Weavr, SeedLegals, Oddbox and many more high-growth companies scale. 

    Virtual Edge is devoted to helping you plan and produce successful virtual events and meetings that attendees rave about. Virtual Edge provides actionable strategies to marketing and meeting professionals who plan, produce and manage virtual events and meetings.

    Virtual Edge provides education, training, news, and research for marketing and event managers and professionals involved in virtual events, meetings, communities and marketing. Our members and attendees are: Event Management Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Event Producers, Company Meeting Planners, Event Marketing Professionals, Publishers/Media Professionals, Digital Producers/Media Managers, and Community Creators/Producers.

    Besides being a powerful conversion toolkit to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales, Poptin also takes pride in its long list of informative articles in the SaaS, tech, and marketing verticals. From how-to's, conversion methodologies, lead generation tools, innovative trends to interviews with digital marketing experts, Poptin delivers quality content that satisfies every marketer's hunger for knowledge to successfully thrive in the business.

    Remote Tools is a startup launch platform where people can showcase their products to a highly engaged audience. Remote Tools contains over 2000+ products that are useful for remote workers. They also offer resources, blogs, guides, news and original content about remote working.

    Shane Barker has helped businesses accelerate their growth with customized digital marketing consultation and services. Having won many accolades, he has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

    HubSpot's blog is a wealth of information with everything from best practices to how-to's to infographics and more.

    As the founder of the inbound methodology, HubSpot basically invented the idea of using a blog to grow your business and has done a fantastic job of maintaining a blog that exemplifies the inbound marketing methodology.

    Ekxo is a driven, social and friendly digital marketing agency based in The Netherlands, Europe. With over 15 years of experience Ekxo does what other digital agencies promise. My blogs inform you about the latest insights and trends in digital marketing.

    Growth hacking lab is a leading source of knowledge on growth strategies for companies and individuals. Created in 2020 by the teampreneur Mario Garcia provides and assists companies in finding growth metrics for each scenario so they can focus on what matters most.

    Neil Patel has worked in agencies, helping companies grow their traffic in addition to growing his own business through SEO, so he’s had exposure to multiple industries.

    His blog provides usable, actionable information through videos, written posts and podcasts. The topic coverage is comprehensive, and the posts are specific enough that you can read a blog or watch a video and then implement what you learned into your strategy.

    TranslateMedia helps businesses expand into different markets by providing localization, multilingual copywriting and international digital marketing services. The TranslateMedia blog contains a wealth of information on managing global marketing programmes at scale and how to adapt content to suit audiences in different markets and cultures.

    Leading the charge on the Revenue Acceleration movement, the Breadcrumbs blog is a great resource for anything related to b2b marketing with a strong focus on the intersection between marketing and sales.

    Under construction pages are what give sites that initial boost and the best tool for creating them is the UnderConstructionPage plugin. The plugin's website boasts a very active blog that publishes quality content related to WordPress, SaaS, business, marketing, blogging, SEO, and all the other topics we techies love reading about.

    Woorise is a powerful all-in-one lead generation platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as promotions, landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes and more to collect leads and engage your audience.

    Vocal Video allows marketers to capture and create amazing video testimonials instantly. Our blog explores topics related to video marketing, original reasearch on the use of video, interviews with thought-leaders, and how-to-guides on creating and using video in your marketing today.

    Drift is a conversational marketing platform that is working on changing the way B2B sales are done. They have a strong brand that epitomizes their promotion of conversational, personal marketing.

    Their blogs are formatted in ways that promote scannability with lists, are often conversational in nature and feature images of real people who work for or with Drift. In addition to providing case studies about client success, subject matter expertise and podcast transcripts, they also publish blogs that provide insight into how they run things.

    Visme helps you build the reputation it deserves. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or you can’t be trusted with a box of crayons, Visme marries capability with ease of use to create a platform that allows everyone to do their best work.

    Sales Loves Marketing is a site for sales and marketing professionals to get better at their job. On our site you will find the best tools, blogs & guides to start hitting your targets. If you want to learn something, you can check out the biggest marketing glossary on the web. 

    Automizy is an Email Marketing Automation software. We offer AI-powered Subject Line Tester, AB testing, Resend and Email Automation.

    Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is possibly the best plugin for creating stunning coming soon and under maintenance pages in minutes, without any coding. On the plugin website, one can also find a rich blog covering topics such as WordPress, marketing, SEO, web design, web development, and other related topics. Just like the plugin, its blog is something worth checking out.

    Eserto may be a newcomer in the marketing sphere, but its articles are on point with no fluff involved. If you're working in sales or marketing, this is one blog you need to read on a regular basis. It's filled with resources and tips that will help you get your job done faster. 

    Cloutly is a review management SaaS platform that helps you see, manage, track and respond to customer reviews from Google, Facebook, TrustPilot and dozens of other review sites all in one place. Our blog helps marketers and business owners wrangle their reputation with insights, case studies and guides related to digital marketing and all things 'trust'. 

    CrankWheel is a Saas application that allows you to share your screen to any device, any browser without any installation for the viewer. Our blog focuses primarily on sales and marketing. 

    Salesforce built a model that countless SaaS companies have tried to replicate. They’re doing an incredible job of growing their business and have been named the #1 CRM Provider for five years in a row.

    They are on the cutting edge of technology, which is reflected in their blog content. Their blog covers a wide range of topics from sales, marketing, software and the industry as a whole, in addition to featuring posts about their company culture.

    Sirius Decisions aims to bring actionable intelligence to B2B execs, and they conduct a lot of research to do so.

    They provide benchmark data and conduct studies on databases alongside partnering with other companies for research and reporting.

    Their blog covers a wide range of topics and features data from their reports and studies.

    CedCommerce is a Privately owned company that is an eCommerce solution provider. CedCommerce’s headquarter is situated in Lucknow, India. The company was started by two diligent members but this count reached 600+ employees in 2021 with additional offices in Portland, Oregon, US, Leicester, UK, and Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

    CedCommerce Provides complete eCommerce solutions for your business, tips & advice for maximizing sales & sell your eCommerce products on different Marketplace.

    CedCommerce awarded as 5th time Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India winners. We won the Magento Innovation Labs Winners for Head-On Shopping, Live-stream Commerce. For more details, you can check here.

    SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data with highest number of direct dials and human-verified contacts in the industry. SalesIntel is your resource for contact and business intelligence. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts.

    We help business owners find their ideal reader, listener, viewer, and/or customer so that they don’t have to struggle to make ends meet. The way we do it is by using content to attract users, build relationships, and ultimately monetize. We share guides and strategies to leverage Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. All we say and do is a reflection of who we are, our experiences, and what we believe.

    Anglux is a boutique SEO agency in the trendy Tech City of London, the famous Silicon Roundabout and West London. We devise and deliver SEO and paid search strategies for mid to upmarket brands. Our focus is long term thinking, so not quick-fix link building here. We also specialise in recovering from Google manual penalties and general algorithmic SEO declines.

    WP Reset is a tool created to help novices and professionals do deployment, testing, and recovery faster and more efficiently. On the tool's website, you can find a blog dedicated to WordPress, SaaS, development, cybersecurity, and all things related to IT. The blog's content quality is top-notch, so you definitely won't be left disappointed.

    CodeItBro is a hub of Python programming and data science tutorials. Read the latest tech news and useful apps review to always stay on the edge.

    Growth marketing resources

    All the growth insights & strategies you need – Recommendations and insights to drive sustainable traffic and optimize your acquisition channels and funnel reviews.

    Make the phone ring, get more visitors to your website, and get new customers
    with a simple local search optimization or online marketing campaign from Nimbus. We are SEO, Local SEO, CRO and Website Optimization Specialists.

    HelpSquad’s blog focuses on customer service, customer experience, employee experience and the impact technology has on B2B relationships.

    Vidyard is one of the premier video hosting platforms available to marketers today, and their content speaks to the value of video in marketing.

    Not only does their blog cover the big picture “why” around integrating video into your content strategy, they also cover how, and include videos in many of their posts to illustrate its value.

    Business2Community has grown beyond a blog into more of a publication. They cover a wide range of topics and accept contributions.

    Because of the wide range of business-related topics covered, finding content relevant to you and identifying subjects you can write about in guest blogs for them is easy.

    Riverbed Marketing is a full stack B2B demand generation and marketing agency that helps growing technology companies scale lead generation and accelerate revenue. Their blog provides valuable insights, strategy, guides, and tactics to help you improve your marketing effectiveness, gain customers, scale your marketing and improve ROI.

    Powered by Search helps B2B SaaS & Technology companies like ClickFunnels, Clio, PointClickCare and many others grow ARR, book more demos, and drive trials with Content, SEO, and Paid Search. 

    The Powered by Search SaaS marketing blog covers a wide range of B2B SaaS demand generation topics including playbooks for content marketing, conversion rate optimization, pay-per-click for SaaS, and many case studies.

    Hubilo is a market leader in the Virtual and Hybrid event platform space. Hubilo is helping organisations across the world reimagine the future of events and navigate an emerging event landscape. Hubilo makes it possible for organisations to provide an engaging & interactive event experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact and host events. Hubilo will become the central system of records for the event industry and unlock massive insights and value from their event by tracking interactions and engagement metrics across attendees, sponsors, organisers, and speakers.

    Acquire is a revolutionary new way of enhancing the customer experience. Since its inception, Acquire has helped hundreds of companies globally to connect with their clients like never before with real-time solutions. Their immediate, on-screen assistance has had a powerful impact on companies that use their services. 

    Acquire provides futuristic solutions such as co-browsing and video-chat for the super-finicky customer. With Acquire, your customers won’t be put off by having to wait for long to have their answers or problems resolved. The product has in-built AI, which takes care of a lot of customer feedback without a sweat.

    The Starting Idea is rapidly growing into a leading voice in the B2B marketing space. The site is known in the industry for sharing non-traditional growth marketing strategies and cutting-edge tool hacks that help entrepreneurs outperform big-budget competitors. The site stands out for giving specific actionable tips, advices, and mental models that were earlier reserved only for high-priced masterminds and workshops. Abhik Shome, the Founder of the site, focuses on content that serves aspects like content marketing, personal branding, content research, lesser-known free-of-cost growth tools, and more. Weronika Wysocka, the design head of The Starting Idea, focuses on conversion-optimized design, UX ingenuity, marketing-focused design tools, and more. The site ranks on the top of Google SERPs for keywords like startup growth marketing, startup growth hacking, personal branding guide, content research tools, and more.

    If you want to gain regular marketing insights and even more advance-level growth tactics, you can sign up for their growth club newsletter (which is FREE at the time of writing). 

    Organic Traffic Specialist and Website Authority Builder focuses primarily on content marketing and SEO. As an organic traffic specialist, your website authority is a must.

    WP 301 Redirects is a plugin that eradicates all broken links, sets up redirects in seconds, and stops visitors from seeing the dreaded 404 page. The plugin's website also has a blog section where you can find quality content related to WordPress, SEO, design and development, blogging, digital marketing, and much more. Simply said, the blog is a wonderland for those hungry for information.

    Crediting content creators for their work is a must, and that is exactly what Simple Author Box is for. The plugin creates responsive, informative, and beautiful author boxes with ease. Just as beautiful as the author boxes is the blog on the plugin website, which does an amazing job at covering topics related to WordPress, marketing, e-commerce, blogging, SEO, and much more.

    Want to learn how to rank #1 on Google and beat billion-dollar sites within days instead of waiting for months? Want to learn how to write value propositions that actually add value and keep your readers attention? 

    If you're looking at SaaS Marketing Solutions that *actually* get you results, Content Primer is THE place to go. It's a sharp, snappy, fluff-free blog with a ton of value if you pay close attention and implement the strategies and copy techniques the author uses to get rad results.

    Element is a user-friendly, fast and agile applicant tracking system that reduces time and cost to find and hire the best candidates. Element ATS combines innovative recruitment automation tools with easy to use user interface that you will fall in love with.  

    Refiner is a customer survey tool that was built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern SaaS companies. On their blog, the Refiner team covers SaaS Growth Tactics & Best Practices in Managing Customer Feedback. They usually publish a new in-depth article every two weeks.

    Want to kick some of your clients or freelance work to the curb and replace that income with digital product sales?

    This website contains free resources to help entrepreneurs scale their digital product revenue (e.g. online courses and membership) with automated sales funnels so they can reduce their reliance on services or freelance work.

    Increase prospects, leads, and closed sales through consistent education-based marketing with my monthly marketing framework.

    Sarah Noel Block works with time-strapped marketers and business owners in the construction, facilities, and real estate industries to build high-impact marketing without increasing headcount. She uses her tested and proven framework to streamline content marketing, social media, and email marketing through smart systems. Optimize your marketing with Tiny Marketing. Learn more at

    The Blog Art is your content hotspot which strives to deliver the most up-to-mark reporting and analysis. Our content covers everything that is happening around the world leaving our readers with the actual, brief and in-depth knowledge about the topic. We cover industry genres like Technology, Health, Business, Education and Lifestyle. 
    We welcome Guest Authors to submit post on our website: The Blog Art

    Send personalized mass emails with the best mail merge in Gmail. Save time sending emails.

    Send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail. Track emails in real time.

    Blog about digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and more.

    Crowdfunding Marketing Services & eCommerce
    Top-ranked agency for crowdfunding, product launches, and growth marketing since 2010.
    BoostYourCampaign (Boost Your Campaign) is a result-driven crowdfunding and eCommerce marketing agency. In the market since 2010, we’ve been helping our customers launch
    products and services that bring their awesome idea to life. We provide the finest creativity, CRO, and growth. International expertise and support with offices in the US and Europe.

    Lumlee is a blog about email marketing, lead generation, and list-building strategies. As a freelance email marketing expert, I publish regularly articles about email marketing strategies and B2B lead generation.

    Email marketing made easy is our mission and vision. We write reviews of email marketing tools, email find, and extractor, lead generation tools, email checker tools, etc.

    Bring you weekly secrets that helped freelancers go from zero to hundreds of clients. Kadlight is an email newsletter about strategies and systems to grow your freelance job to a high-profit business. 

    Providing tips for you about how to be a better freelancer, strategies to get better clients, structures to earn more with your services, mindset to improve your freelancing career, and scaling your freelance job into a high-profit business. 


    MyInfoAdda isis the leading source for transformative tech, informative and events related blogs to help readers to make smart decisions. Also, we offer free digital marketing consultation on on-page, off-page, email marketing, SMM and content writing, backlinks, monthly competitor analysis and more.

    Moreover, we are accepting free guest post, backlinks on our platform.

    If you have any query regarding our business, contact at: 

    Lform is a custom web design and web development company that focuses on creating work for and educating B2B clients. Our primary audience consists of companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry and service technology consultant companies.

    Our articles focus on: website strategy, web design, user experience, user interface, website development, SaaS development, search engine optimization (SEO),  search engine marketing (SEM), APIs, software integrations, eCommerce, CRM integrations, and ERP integrations.

    LAURO MEDIA is a content marketing agency operating globally. They publish research, statistics, and tutorials educating readers about SEO and content marketing on their blog.

    OpenView is a venture capital firm that focuses exclusively on B2B expansion stage SaaS companies. Because of their hyperfocus, they have a variety of specific, well-researched content aimed at businesses in that space.

    In addition to creating original content for their blog, OpenView also will curate or syndicate blogs from other relevant thought leaders to make it easy for readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the covered topics.

    InsightSquared is a sales analytics tool that provides reporting on marketing and sales functions.

    Their blog provides extensive content on pipeline management and the use of analytics to hone your marketing and sales efforts and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

    PPC Hero focuses on paid-per-click (PPC) advertising and provides information related to how to leverage paid advertising.

    While their content does branch into industry news and PPC-related careers, the majority of their posts are about specific aspects of PPC like social, search and mobile.

    In an increasingly noisy and polluted digital environment, we must be more personal and human in our communication. Communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and convert at a higher rate by adding simple video messages to your emails, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, and other places you're informing, influencing, and persuading others. Integrates with Gmail, Salesforce, Outreach, Zendesk, and many other systems and platforms.

    Writer's Life for You helps women who want to leave their 9-5 to work from home as freelance writers. Heather Ritchie, the creator of Writer's Life, is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, freelance writer, and blogger also shares freelancing and online business tips. Additionally, she helps new bloggers start money-making blogs on her other website, Blogger's Life for You. If you want to start your own freelance business, Writer's Life for You is full of the resources you need.

    Panda Gila provides multiple source of educational content for Indonesian in digital marketing niche. In our site, you can find update tips relating SEO, ads, website, social media tips & more guides to start your online journey. 

    SaaStock helps early-stage B2B SaaS companies supercharge their growth, through memberships, conferences, media and local meetups. Connect with your peers, learn from experts and build pipeline.

    Shamsher Khan' Academy is a digital markeitng and online busienss blog and training courses for global audiance to learn digital marketng and start their online business anywhere anytime online.

    Bloobirds is the next-gen sales engagement platform that guides marketing, prospecting, and sales to success together.

    With a focus on account-based outbound approaches, Bloobirds' blog features top B2B influencers, such as Dave Gerhardt and Trish Bertuzzi. Their content focuses on bringing tactical and strategic tips straight from B2B SaaS sales and marketing leaders to readers.

    The Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore by Shamsher Khan Academy is the number one institute of digital marketing in Bangalore. It provides the best training for students who want to make a career in Digital Marketing. We are offering classroom training and online classes. Students can take our classroom training or online course depending on the student's convenience. Our Specialities are provided the live training. A Complete Career Roadmap – 3 Months Of Mentoring – Two Months Of Career Guidance – Unlimited Email Support From Our Experts- Free Access To All Online Training.

    Stay informed on the latest growth marketing news, tools, and insights.

    Qualifio enables large brands and media groups to engage audiences across digital channels via 50+ templated interactive formats (quizzes, contests, surveys, tests, animated games, etc.) and to collect first-party data.

    On our blog, you'll find articles, e-books and success stories around gamification, data collection and digital marketing. 

    Our mission is to optimise the fundraising process between European startups and investors. Firstly, we advise the most ambitious entrepreneurs raise their Next Round of funding, with terms that are right for them, and causing the least amount of disruption to their business. Secondly, we connect the most promising Venture Fund Managers with forward-looking Limited Partners to promote the flow of venture capital into the European ecosystem.

    Marketing Blogs for Software and Technology Companies to Keep
    Your Business Updated…

    Datify.Link – Dating smartlink with offers for adult, mainstream, niche, questionaries, games, cams. We offer a wide selection of payment models PPL (per lead), PPS (per sale), RevShare (percentage of sales). Provide daily payments, friendly support.

    Oktopost is the only Social Media Management Tool dedicated to B2B marketing. Unlike most SMM platforms, it focuses on lead generation through organic social media and social selling channels. The Oktopost blog is full of content and insights that uniquely focus on the world of B2B social media management.

    From virtual collaboration platforms to marketing automation to enterprise-level CRM and beyond, software applications make our lives easier, our work more efficient – and keep our businesses moving. The APPEALIE Awards celebrate innovative SaaS applications that excite, delight and get the job done.

    The APPEALIE Awards are open to any SaaS application, regardless of industry, product focus or market share.

    How to sell building materials through the channel of distribution. is the home to the Bright Ideas podcast, hosted by Trent Dyrsmid, a SaaS and eCommerce entrepreneur. Trent is the owner of several online businesses, including On his podcast, he shares with you the ideas and tactics he used to scale up his online businesses. If you are looking for proven methods to scale up your eCommerce business, increase efficiency, improve your systems and delegate more this is the podcast for you.

    BloggersIdeas aims to help digital entrepreneurs start an online business. Here, you’ll learn how a small blog turn into money making machine & how you can earn 10k+ per month from affiliate marketing.

    The man behind BloggersIdeas is Jitendra Vaswani who is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle. He is the founder of kickass Internet Marketing blog where he interviewed marketing legends like Neil Patel, Grant Cardone & Rand Fishkin.

    There are a number of digital marketing product & services reviews like web hosting, affiliate networks, VPN’s, dropshipping tools, Amazon tools and ecommerce guides to boost your online business. 

    Linkody is a platform that allows marketing agencies to easily manage their link building campaigns and backlink tracking.

    The Linkody blog provides actionable articles on SEO, marketing, and growth hacking. It is full of tips and tactics to help businesses accelerate their traffic acquisition and increase their customer base. is a site focused primarily on helping individuals understand how to create and grow their own online businesses.  Secondarily, the site focuses on helping B2B companies understand what the best software solutions are for their needs. 

    EngineX Digital – EngineX Design is the 4th largest Digital Marketing Agency in the world and continues to put more and more focus on YouTube video content.

    Custom video creation that meets your needs and exceeds your goals. We are a full-service video content production company for brands in any industry. 

    This is an informative website where I share information about android apps, games, tech-related tutorials, etc.

    Our blog is a wealth of information with everything from best practices to how-tos to infographics and more.

    Thetechinsight basically invented the idea of using a blog to provide information and has done a fantastic job of maintaining a blog. 

    You can visit my blog for exciting content.

    Thank you for listing me here.

    MECACA Global Network is all about focusing on helping businesses to grow via digital channels. We specialize in website design, development of digital products, eCommerce, paid social, Google Ads, SEO, Email and digital marketing consulting. We have the right mix of human connection, market knowledge, creativity and technical capability to help businesses to expand to the online world.

    Joseph Paul Digital Agency provides white hat SEO services for marketing managers to grow their businesses. The company is proud of its 360 view approach that is transparent and stress-free, taking the guesswork out of what's going on with your SEO campaign.

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