Trollishly: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Instagram Features Like a Pro

In recent times, Instagram has been a successful social media platform without any shadow of doubt. Thanks to Instagram developers for making it an application with simple features that allow users to make any photo and video look exclusive with little effort.

As a new user of Instagram, it will be quite challenging to cope-up with the features. At first, the follower count for your personal and Business account might be low. Cheer up! You can also buy instagram followers to open the door to raise followers on your account.

Being a newbie and clueless about how to make use of Instagram features? Then you are at the right place. Here is a simple guide to make you an expert Instagrammer.

Instagram: A Quick Intro

Instagram is a free social media application used for sharing photos and videos. It became a popular app for connecting people with friends, families, and celebrities. Instagram has an array of interesting features, from short videos to live streams. To keep it more lively, developers are releasing new updates constantly to maintain their popularity.

8 Must-Know Instagram Features to Spice Up Your Profile 

Instagram never fails to surprise us with its unique updates on features. It is one of the reasons why it is popular among people. In this article, let us discuss some of the special features which might be helpful for you.

#1 Instagram Live Video

Instagram ‘Live Video’ is one among other features that enables you to stream live video from your account. This feature allows you to interact with your followers through the chat option or join the video request option available on the live stream. In addition, it permits you to save your live video and replay.

Some benefits of this feature include engagements with followers, showcasing your true self, attaining online reach, and making your Story visible in the first place through live streaming.

#2 IGTV – Instagram TV

IGTV is an inbuilt feature where you can upload long-form videos. Instagram shows IGTV videos based on users’ interests and recent activities. It is one of the effective ways to create a fan base by sharing attractive videos. Some specific features of IGTV include,

  • It allows the users to post videos for up to an hour.
  • You can post in video clips in vertical and horizontal formats.
  • It suggests videos on your following accounts.
  • It allows a one-minute preview of the video.

If you have a business account, it is one of the great ways to engage your customers and promote your brand. Additionally, you can use Trollishly to increase your brand credibility and strengthen your profile instantly.

#3 GEOTags 

Geo Tag is an in-app feature on Instagram that helps you to add locations to your post. If someone clicks on the location, it takes them to the library, where they can see all the posts pinned to the place.

You can use Geo Tag features to cite your locations and add them to your Posts, Stories, Hashtags, and stickers.

#4 Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags are widely used and popular features on the Instagram platform. Tags are usually made as keywords using symbols such as #keyword. For Instagram, hashtags are the SEO for searching the content or post feed. 

There are different types of hashtags such as for community, brand, and campaign. Posts tagged under the hashtag will be shown when someone clicks on the hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags to a post.

#5 Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram are primarily used by over 500 million people every day. People use it as a trending feature to upload their thoughts and daily routines. Story stickers like questions, polls, countdowns, hashtags, avatars, emojis, music, time, etc., function as additional factors for the Story feature. Stickers updates on Story will make it more appealing to the viewers and boost views.

However, the Story feature has a time limit of disappearing after 24 hours. On the flip

side, you can add unlimited stories to your profile.

#6 Instagram Ads

Approximately 47% of Instagram users buy or purchase products after seeing them on their feeds. So the feature of running Ads between feeds is a helping tool for entrepreneurs for promoting and advertising. The advantages of using Instagram Ads are listed below,

  • Drives high engagement rates.
  • Create brand awareness
  • Build the following base for your brand.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Drive traffic for your page.

Pro Tip: You can also use the Trollishly to rapidly increase your page growth, which employs a large fan base.

#7 Instagram Shoppable Tags

People are fond of online or window Shopping; Instagram shopping is one feature that allows you to shop without leaving the page. It is easy now for those who love to shop online because you can purchase the product by clicking on the post that takes you to the company site directly. Some beneficial factors of Instagram shopping are as follows,

  • Reduce the distance between customer and company.
  • Visual marketing through posts drives sales profit.
  • Connects directly to the customers.
  • Easy process for getting feedback through DM.

Instagram Shoppable posts are currently available in 46 countries and can be accessed only if you have a Business account on Instagram. 

#8 Instagram reels

The Instagram Reel is an exciting feature where you can add a short video that can be up to 60 seconds long. Users can record video, photo, and music and share them to their posts, Stories, feed, and Reels. Most liked videos will be featured on the Instagram Explore Page. 

One of the impressive factors of using this feature is that you can earn money through Reels. Additionally, for Business, it is the easiest way for your growth and expands customer rate.

Final note

Instagram is evolving at a consistent pace and developing its user experience every day. From minor updates to big ones, Instagram never makes users feel bored with its interactive features. 

Hope this simple guide will help you get rid of your difficulties on Instagram. Then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and rock on Instagram like an expert.


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