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    Learn from the best through these real estate marketing blogs. We have meticulously researched and collected the most informative real estate marketing blogs to assist you in efficiently marketing your client’s properties.

    Best Real Estate Marketing Blogs for 2021

    RIS Media focuses heavily on actionable marketing tips on a blog. You can find real estate specific marketing articles that guide you through things like landing pages and community pages.  If you’re looking for real estate specific marketing advice, I strongly recommend them. You can also find market update tips that cover everything from the Top 500 Brokers to market reports. This is a great list for agents looking to find a real estate mentor.

    OutBound Engine covers tons of lead generation tactics for small business owners. They always have catchy headlines and actionable tips.

    The GeekEstateBlog focuses primarily on things happening in real estate tech. They cover the changes happening with Zillow and Trulia.  You can often glean something about an upcoming trend from their articles.

    Our primary goal at Easy Agent Pro is to help you be a better agent. And the best way for us to do that is by giving you actionable tips to get more business. You’ll find awesome articles covering real estate marketing ideas, SEO tips, and more!

    While not real estate specific, these guys know how to market through email like nobody’s business. Real estate these days is all about email marketing. You need to have newsletters, drip sequences, and follow ups with everyone.  Emails the best way to keep in touch with old and new clients. I recommend checking out what they have to say!

    Bombbomb’s blog is full of real estate specific ways to use email.  Recently, they published an article called “2 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation”.  You need to be reading and implementing email ideas like this into your business!  Email is still the most profitable form of marketing online. And we can always learn how to use it better. I highly recommend checking out their blog and changing the way you use email.

    You won’t find real estate mentioned once on this blog! But the ideas are fantastic. Neil Patel (the writer of Quicksprout) always shares great advice for getting and converting traffic.  You’ll find tons of actionable posts like this one about 6 On-Page SEO Strategies That’ll Boost Your Rankings.  Plus, not many Realtors read his content. You can easily get ahead of the marketing curve in real estate.

    RealGeeks focuses on case studies by individual agents. Their video library and blog posts are quite inspiring for anyone starting out!

    I know a lot of Realtors think it’s impossible to rank, but I believe very strongly in SEO.  And there is no one better at giving you the info you need about SEO than Brian @ Backlinko. A lot of the real estate specific SEO articles on Easy Agent Pro are based on his advice.  If you want to learn how Easy Agent Pro did this in 4 months:

    Tom Ferry’s blog is full of articles that will help you sell more houses. He covers topics that bridge the gap between tech and non-tech agents.  I find his live videos like this one very engaging and educational.

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