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    Best Job Seeking Blogs for 2022

     This blog tackles the real concerns and questions that students and graduates have about their careers and options. It’s current and relevant, and often very specific, making it useful if you're looking for information about a particular career. Overall, a great balance of news, entertainment and career advice.

    A light and accessible blog that nicely balances genuinely sensible advice with a bit of fun. Posts are sorted by topic, which is useful if you just want to read about a particular theme – social media or interview tips for example.

    Many career blogs focus on searching for a dream job or career; sometimes, for whatever reason, that might be unrealistic and Jobsite does a great job of providing solid advice about getting a foot in the door.

    There’s a lot of content on Simply Hired, with loads of advice, and it’s also arranged neatly into categories which is useful. It’s based in the US which gives it slightly different tone and perspective to the UK based blogs, and perhaps because of this, it also includes quite a lot of posts around understanding yourself, and finding jobs which are a good fit with your personality.

     Useful for information you need to know about the recruitment industry. Rather than giving you ideas and tips, it provides longer articles which cover a topic in detail and explain what good looks like, the thought processes that recruiters use and what they’re looking for from candidates.

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