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    Searching for informative marketing automation blogs? The best ones will provide you with useful ideas on how to identify the right software platforms and technologies that will be beneficial to your company or organization. Find the best marketing automation blogs from this list that we’ve collected.

    Best Marketing Automation Blogs for 2021

    Canadian marketing automation company Goose Digital helps business integrate marketing automation into their system and get the most out of their tool. Their blog is a great resource for learning about how you can make your marketing automation tool work best for your business. Or if you just want to get a wrap-up of news and best practices in marketing automation, they provide a monthly recount of important articles for you to look at.

    Marketo is one of the leaders in marketing automation tools, used by companies like CenturyLink, Nokia, and General Electric. Their blog features articles and lists on a wide variety of topics in the digital marketing field. Their writers are experts on marketing in the modern age, and it’s easy to see why their tool has seen such widespread adoption.

    As a leading workflow automation tool, it’s no wonder Zapier has fantastic content on marketing automation. Zapier’s blog is the go-to for all things related to marketing automation software: they provide in-depth tutorials on using their own tool, along with popular workflows across thousands of third-party apps.

    This blog features everything you could possibly want to know about marketing automation, as told by the fantastic Scott Brinker. Brinker is the VP of the platform ecosystem at Hubspot, and a longtime entrepreneur and marketer.

    We love Neil. His content is easy to skim, fun to read, and always up-to-date. Here, you’ll find the latest and greatest information on automation for lead generation, content marketing, and more. The tips on Quicksprout are helpful and actionable, a major time saver for busy digital marketers, agency owners, and freelancers.

    ActiveCampaign is a market leader when it comes to automation. Their marketing platform has been helping digital marketers streamline their campaigns and track key metrics for years, and their blog shares must-know information for today’s savvy marketer.

    On the Sharpspring blog, find productivity and marketing tips for everyone — whether you’re a new digital marketer or a seasoned pro. Get niche tips on video, email, social media, and content marketing and stay at the leading edge of your industry.

    Hey, it’s us! In seriousness, because marketing automation is one of our specialties, we write about it quite a bit. Find granular pieces on subjects like using UTMs and Facebook Pixels for automatic tracking, and broader theoretical pieces on marketing and sales as an industry. Other topics you’ll find covered on the Hatchbuck blog include sales tips, graphic design, copywriting, and marketing terminology — all with the latest info presented in the most helpful way possible (we hope!).

    The independent publication MarTech is one of the forerunners in discovering the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for marketers. They publish useful resources and editorials on how the use of AI can help improve enterprise marketing automation. Their website also features articles on every category of digital marketing, from ad tech to mobile marketing and social media strategy.

    Billing themselves as a “digital marketing community,” ClickZ provides news and insights on topics in the digital marketing field. They compile articles and news reports written by their staff as well as links to relevant events and webinars. In addition, they publish weekly reports on the latest in marketing technology to keep their users up-to-date on the newest trends and significant events.

    CedCommerce is a Privately owned company that is an eCommerce solution provider. CedCommerce’s headquarter is situated in Lucknow, India. The company was started by two diligent members but this count reached 600+ employees in 2021 with additional offices in Portland, Oregon, US, Leicester, UK, and Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

    CedCommerce Provides complete eCommerce solutions for your business, tips & advice for maximizing sales & sell your eCommerce products on different Marketplace.

    CedCommerce awarded as 5th time Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India winners. For more details, you can check here.


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