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    Looking for the best marketing analytics blogs? Check out these blogs that we have selected and collected for you. These will provide you with the necessary information that you can use to evaluate the success of your marketing initiatives by measuring performance.

    Best Marketing Analytics Blogs for 2021

    Analytics Vidhya is a passionate community to learn every aspect of Analytics from web analytics to big data, advanced predictive modeling techniques and application of analytics in business. Follow our blog that focuses on machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data science, big data, data visualization tools, and techniques.

    Logi Analytics embeds business intelligence in the fabric of your organization and products. With Logi, you can seamlessly embed custom analytics in your apps—empowering your customers and employees with smarter insights.

    Read our latest posts about the Data Privacy, Advanced Web Analytics and news about the Piwik PRO On-Premises. The blog where digital marketing professionals find advice on how to collect and analyze data in a privacy-friendly way.

    The analytics section of the Crazy Egg blog covers the intersection between analytics and conversion optimization, with a look at the related areas of copywriting and web design.

    Jeff is a Six-Sigma trained statistical analyst and pioneer in quantifying the user experience. He specializes in making statistical concepts understandable and actionable. He is the author of six books, including Benchmarking the User Experience, Customer Analytics for Dummies and Quantifying the User Experience.

    Discover the DA BLOG, dedicated to Digital Analytics and Digital Intelligence: best practices, tips and advices to optimize your digital performance. is a project developed and managed by Web Focus LLC (founded 2008). We are a team of internet marketing & analytics specialists gathered around the idea of making web analytics easier for all of our peers – marketers, analytics specialists, conversion optimization experts and webmasters alike.

    Analytics Canvas is the leading Google Analytics integration tool for GA users that are serious about their data. 
    It is a product of nModal Solutions Inc., a Toronto based company and was launched in 2008 by nModal’s founder, James Standen .

    While it’s Google Analytics Connectors are one of its core features, it can connect to all sorts of other data too; Canvas connects to text files, spreadsheets, databases, and numerous other APIs to provide a visual environment for analysts to define data flows, transformations and deliveries.

    The Darkhorse team has been analyzing and visualizing data since before analytics was a thing. Along the way, we’ve developed some strong opinions.

    Good analytics is visual. Analytics isn’t just stats and numbers. Seeing the data, the process, and the results is essential. 

    How DDU Hopes to Impact the Industry

    While there are many websites dedicated to aspects of online marketing, there is a niche that presently seems to be under-served. There are many great sites that report on news in the industry, offer fantastic “hands-on” tutorials, and represent some of the top practitioners in digital marketing. At the same time, there doesn't seem to be a place dedicated to both creating and curating the best of what we have available as marketers. Jeffalytics aims to aggregate some of the best information and resources available to online marketers, offer thought leadership pieces, and provide a valuable resource to online marketers of all skill levels.

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