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    Best Business Intelligence Blogs for 2021

    Latching on to trending terms in the BI industry, Capterra’s blog helps you think about your business to make smart business intelligence choices.

    In this collection of articles, the MIT Technology Review shares how big data affects everything around us. Learn how data relates to day-do-day life, from cars to government to wi-fi.

    ClicData offers a holistic approach to data analytics, emphasizing the importance of unified and actionable data. Their blog provides valuable insights into data management, visualization, and collaboration, making it a must-read for businesses aiming for data-driven performance. 

    Big Data Made Simple is a collection of articles that covers almost every vertical and technology in the big data sphere. Whether you are interested in the latest in artificial intelligence or are trying to use data in your marketing, there’s something for everyone on this site.

    Gartner is purveyor of the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence, an annual market research report about the state of BI. Gartner’s Business Intelligence blog is one to follow to stay informed on the trends in the market, how the market has changed, along with the BI vendors and players you should follow.

    It can be hard to stay up to date with all trends, technological advancements, and news in this tsunami of big data. Datanami is a great stop to stay informed on the latest technologies.

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