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    Best Career Blogs For Women Blogs for 2022

    The Glass Hammer is an award-winning blog and online community created for women executives in finance, law, technology and big business. 

    What I love doing is helping people understand what actions they need to take to find a job faster. Job hunting is hard work but I follow the trends closely to help get you up and running.

    We help women who are stuck in their work, transition into their ideal career or business with our proven career change system that guarantees they will feel excited for work on Monday.

    You'll find everything from career mentors and productivity tips and tricks, to everyday fashion fixes and relationship advice. Ms. Career Girl aims to help ambitious young professional women find passion in their profession, or a profession out of their passions.

    We believe that women can, and will, lead the future.  We also understand the grim statistics that draw the conclusion that, compared to our male counterparts, women today are still underpaid, under appreciated and undermined in the work place, and in society.  

    Career Contessa is a trusted career resource that helps working women be more fulfilled, healthy, and successful at work.

    Identify and reach your goals faster with helpful, actionable career tips, advice, and answers— without confusing jargon, false promises, fluff, or guilt trips.

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