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    Get tips and ideas on how to keep your audience engaged with your brand in a way that’s simple and easy to digest by checking out these video marketing blogs that we’ve curated for you. These blogs will help you create better marketing videos of your products or services for your target audience.

    Best Video Marketing Blogs for 2021

    Social Champ is a social media management tool designed to automate the digital marketing workflow. The video marketing blog is designed to provide the maximum benefit of using videos and other visuals in your content. The blog further discusses the importance of video marketing in the current times and why you should include it in your next digital marketing strategies. 

    The best place to learn how to leverage your business using videos is blog. It offers up-to-date articles about video marketing every week. You will find comprehensive guides to acquire videos on your website, blog, emails, sales pitches, social media, and launch cost-effective video advertising campaigns. 

    Every material is complemented with examples and illustrative instructions. Both newly-minted and old-hand video marketers will find a piece of practical advice on how to kickstart or level up their video marketing strategy. 

    Wistia is a video hosting company for Businesses that provides products that you can use on your website & in your video marketing campaigns.

    Wistia’s blog is one of the best marketing blogs out there if you want to learn about awesome video marketing tips and video creation.

    They write a lot of content about producing videos, marketing videos, video production and everything that’s related to video marketing.

    Additionally, they have also produced a number of technical know-how videos. So if you want to get started in the world of video marketing, Wistia is a good place to start.

    DaCast has consistently delivered a variety of online video content and strategy in their blog for years. A video streaming vendor, DaCast takes a unbiased and neutral stance with their content calling out other vendors as necessary.

    StoryMe is an innovative blog focusing on video strategy and research for various online video use cases such as internal communication, marketing, social video, distribution and more. StoryMe pulls stories and lessons learn over years of successful video strategy execution across various clients.

    In an increasingly noisy and polluted digital environment, we must be more personal and human in our communication. Communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and convert at a higher rate by adding simple video messages to your emails, LinkedIn messages, Slack messages, and other places you're informing, influencing, and persuading others. Integrates with Gmail, Salesforce, Outreach, Zendesk, and many other systems and platforms.

    The Vidyard video marketing blog is dedicated to video strategy for markers and sales people. Topics are geared towards demand generation marketers using video to support sales and sales teams looking to book more meetings using video voicemails. Although Vidyard is a software vendor, their content stays somewhat neutral.

    Shakr provides fresh content weekly on a range of video topics for both B2B and B2C marketers including general video marketing, social video including Facebook video and ads. Shakr is a software vendor providing templated video content creation, so content in some cases solicits product and features.

    Flipboard posts a lot of updates, tricks, and video marketing tips. 

    It is a curated selection of content that was chosen form the content that several authors submit on Flipboard.

    It catalogs the best stories on a particular topic. So, if you want to read the finest selection of top video blogs, go to Flipboard and start reading stories over there.

    You’ll be able to access about 5-6 posts on video marketing per week on Flipboard.

    Sprout video covers a lot of content on video hosting, video marketing, and the latest trends in the world of social media video sharing and production.

    It is an amazing video hosting platform that provides video and video related hosting to everyone. They work just like Wistia.

    They also create a lot of niche content for video analytics and video insights. Their posting frequency is about 3 posts a month.

    If you want to follow top marketing blogs then you need to follow Vimeo blog.

    The Vimeo blog has excellent content which is best suited for people who are business owners, marketers, and filmmakers. They have a video school series which is excellent for people who want to learn how to do video creation and production.

    They also have business tips section which is geared towards marketing, business, and video marketing based advice.

    Business2Community is a blog that covers a range of topics ranging from digital and social, to business and finance. B2C has a section dedicated to video marketing where you can find articles submitted by credible experts.

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