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    Best Survival Blogs for 2024

    The Organic Prepper is a blog by Daisy Luther, where she documents her past, and current experiences, all with the aim of passing on valuable preparedness advice to her readers.

    TruePrepper is a preparedness resource grounded in risk analysis. They share the best prepping guides available, review survival gear with obsessive attention to detail.

    Ask a Prepper shares how to prepare, survive and thrive. Their "how to" articles allow their readers to keep up with the latest survival news and provides practical advice and guidance.

    The Prepared Survivalist is designed to be your place for anything survival and preparedness related. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran in the survival/preparedness community.

    Prepper Website and The Prepper Website Podcast are resources run by Todd Sepulveda. His goal is to help you become more self-reliant so you can love your people, get prepared and live free.

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