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    Be more adept in planning, promoting and presenting your products by learning the best strategies from these retail marketing blogs. These blogs will educate you on how to best price, place, promote and distribute your products.

    Best Retail Marketing Blogs for 2024

    In the Nerd Marketing blog, Drew Sanocki talks about how he built his multimillion dollar brand, Design Public. He entertains the reader with quirks and quips to make you laugh out loud as you go. Sanocki’s personality is appealing enough to have a popular marketing podcast, as well.

    This blog’s goal is to make the path to your online business’s success an easy and smooth one. The founder, Richard Lazazzera, shares the strategies he used to build his own eCommerce business from the ground up.

    XStak is a prominent platform specializing in omnichannel retail, warehouse management, and logistics solutions. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, XStak caters to businesses aiming to optimize their inventory, streamline warehouse operations, and enhance supply chain efficiency. Through expert insights, articles, and resources, XStak's blog covers a wide array of topics, from inventory optimization and multi-channel management to cutting-edge warehouse technologies. It serves as an invaluable resource hub for professionals seeking to stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in the logistics and warehouse management sphere

    The Go-To site for retail news, the NRF is an incredible resource for those who work in retail, own a small business, or regularly work with retailers. Offering more than a blog, the BRF has advocacy resources to help out small business owners, a job board for prospective retailers, buying guides, and much, much, more. Although they are not a blog in name, their regular heaping of articles makes them as regular and informative a source as any.

    If you’re looking for a fantastic visual merchandising resource, look no further than Artica’s Retail Design Blog. Offering actionable advice and visual examples on store design, branding, exhibit design, and more, The Retail Design Blog updates regularly and brings users examples from all over the world.



    A blog for retail executives which focuses on cross-channel retailing, Retail Touch Points is a good resource for those who want to read in-depth on a specific subject, and for those who want a recap of what new things have happened in the retail world as of late.

    In the Forever Jobless blog, Billy Murphy discusses his successful journey that began with him building a 7 figure Poker Media Company and resulted in much more. He proves insight about the perks of taking the “road less traveled.”

    In this blog, Brian Dean teaches you how to get more traffic on your site using backlinking. Here he provides you with techniques that are specifically geared to pull large amounts of traffic to your site, which will inevitably result in a larger customer base.

    RetailPro looks at changing consumer demographics, the changing retail landscape, and observes how new technologies are changing everything we ever knew about the retail industry. With regular posts, often multiple times per week, RetailPro should be a great addition to any retailer’s RSS feed.


    A retail expert with over 30 years of experience, Bob Phibbs is one of the most respected names in the retail world, and his blog is no different. With a new post seemingly every other day, Phibbs writes on customer expectations, employee turnover, and basically anything else under the sun which falls under the retail umbrella. MakeThe Retail Doctor a regular morning read with your coffee—you won’t regret it.

    Help Scout is a company with a conscience. They believe the key to success is maintaining complete transparency with customers to create strong and lasting relationships. They have over 7,000 support teams around the world and have only been around since 2011. Their blog covers all the bases and is incredibly easy to navigate.

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