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    Upscale your marketing plan by gathering informative details from these sms marketing blogs that we have collected for you. These blogs will surely teach you how to effectively send promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS).

    Best SMS Marketing Blogs for 2021

    SlickText makes text message marketing and SMS marketing easy. It increases revenue and builds customer loyalty with our SMS marketing software. Follow our blog to gain thoughtful insights into the world of SMS and text message marketing with how-tos, guides, case studies, and other helpful information.

    Tatango provides brands SMS, MMS & RCS marketing software, in addition to the support and expertise needed to launch a successful mobile marketing campaign. Follow us as our blog provides SMS, MMS & RCS mobile marketing tips, tricks, and advice for brands to plan, launch and measure their mobile messaging campaign.

    Textedly is an SMS Marketing communication channel that allows you to advertise, promote, announce, and engage with your audience through Text Messaging. Follow to get all the tips and tricks about SMS marketing.

    FireText is an award-winning team of SMS marketing experts, developers & problem solvers all working around the clock to offer the most powerful text marketing platform for you and your business. Founded in 2007 by Dan Parker & James Huff, our company has offices in Reigate, Surrey and Falmouth, Cornwall.

    Mobile High 5 provides SMS advertising and Text Message Marketing to grow your business and revenue! Follow us to get the best tricks from our blog and get the freshest news in the mobile marketing industry.

    Rebrandly discover the power of branded links and improve your conversions! Follow our SMS marketing blog to get the latest updates regularly.

    SMS marketing and text marketing with SimpleTexting is a simple and effective way to increase customer loyalty or drive demand. Follow our blog that shares tips, tricks, tidbits, and news about text messaging and SMS marketing.

    SMS Marketing is a favorite among marketers because of highly receptive audiences. Follow us to get the latest news on TXTImpact Text marketing and business texting software, stay tuned to industry news with TXTImpact Blog.

    ProTexting offers a suite of highly interactive mobile messaging tools, giving you the ability to communicate and market to your clients via SMS and MMS. Follow our blog to get updates on SMS marketing.

    ExpressText is an SMS Marketing provider that makes SMS marketing campaigns and text message marketing easy. Increase sales and generate more repeat business with our text blast service. Get more updates about SMS marketing by following this feed.

    The SMS Works provides a low cost and reliable SMS API for developers.
    Unlike almost all SMS providers, we don't charge for failed SMS, these are refunded straight back to your account.

    All customers can access a free test account which comes with 50 free text credits.
    We have comprehensive SMS API documentation, with code snippets in the language of your choice.

    We're really sharp on support and most queries are resolved within a couple of hours.


    A text message marketing dashboard that includes features most competitors don't have.

    Our unique features are:

    • Followup mass text campaigns. Sender can choose to set up unlimited followups to a mass text campaign. We also offer a toggleable setting that stops sending followups after any reply.

    For example: Real Estate Firm A would like to send a campaign that includes 5 followups, with 1 follow-up each week. They send the first SMS to 1,000 subscribers. Of those 1,000, 200 people respond. The next followup will now only be sent to the 800 people that did not respond, and so on until the last followup.

    • Appointment reminder scheduling (with integrations through Zapier). Set up text message appointment reminders
    • Free, proprietary link shortener to keep text message length down.
    • Send audio, image and even excel files through MMS. 
    • Send recurring text messages.

    Examples of Recurring Texts: 

    1. Send a text message on the first Sunday of every month.
    2. Send a text message every 4th day.
    3. Send a text on the 2nd, 5th, 18th and 23d of every other month.

    The combinations are limitless as are use cases.

    We also offer all the usual features: 1000+ integrations through Zapier, custom pricing for Enterprise clients, as well as human, well trained customer support agents available on livechat, email and phone.

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