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    Make your marketing efforts worth it by adopting some advises from these best niche marketing blogs from our list. These blogs will educate you on how you can effectively target a specific audience with a specialized offering of your products or services.

    Best Niche Marketing Blogs for 2021

    Content may be king, but interactive content takes away the crown every time. And in turn it offers you high engagement, lead generation, increased traffic and whatnot! Outgrow publishes everything there is to know about interactive content and more.

    OptinMonster is the school of knowledge with words that shed light on opt-in forms and how to make them more enticing for your users. Typically, they publish comprehensive and long-form posts that are highly compelling and backed by a lot of statistics. Their trademark is exit intent technology that shows this-is-exactly-what-I-need pop-ups during users’ exit.

    Authority website on high ticket affiliate programs. Over 1,200 high paying affiliate programs in more than 100 categories.

    Customer relationship—the heart of any business—needs to be kept abreast every day to remain in the race. And there is no better stop than SuperOffice because they pride to have received a quarter-million views on many of their posts. Also, their CRM related guides have received close to 70K downloads. Now, these are some eye-popping numbers to boast of. Right?

    At NicheMktg we combine Market Intelligence, Micro Segmentation, Lead Generation, Strategic Marketing Campaigns, Big Data Analytics, Lead Scoring and Measurable Outcomes to connect companies with their ideal customers – no matter how niche they are.

    Push notifications, UX analysis of mobile apps, and mobile optimization for emails are some of the areas they often spill the beans about. They dig deep in analyzing tactics so that you don’t need to shuffle through any other blog. Look at how they cracked the emoji-mania in the push notification.  Now, who doesn’t love emojis!

    Their team provides insights on all topics related to paid advertising, LinkedIn advertising, and CRO. All the posts are full of industry research and actionable tips on general marketing topics. Take this post that cites the role of images in paid search advertising: conversational tone with apt images mentioning the what, why, and how of Google’s gallery ads.

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