Five Important SEO Ranking Factors: Beginners Guide Guest Post

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO has now become a constantly evolving field in today’s digital era. Everything works digitally. So, websites use SEO to attract more traffic in it.

The internet has become a part of everyone’s life in this digital world. Everyone wants to use digital marketing to grow their business by attracting more traffic to their products and services.

If you want to grow your business through SEO or Digital Marketing, you should first learn the basics of digital marketing and then implement those things in your business. This is because digital marketing is a technical thing, and you can’t do it before learning. The Thought Tree is one such place where you can learn how to grow your business. They provide the best digital marketing course in Jaipur. Now, let’s see some SEO ranking factors.

SEO Ranking Factors That Are Important

When you build a website and start working on it, then it’s always important to keep SEO ranking factors in your mind to rank your website at the top in search of the user’s search results.

Keeping SEO ranking factors in mind and building a website and its content according to it will let Google rank your website in the top lists of searches.

So, here below are mentioned the top 5 important SEO ranking factors:

1. Content Quality and Content Length

Quality always matters in everything as compared to quantity. An in-depth website that beautifully covers all the details of its respective subject will rank the most.

The content should always be original and should always give a clear view of its respective subject.

More importantly, the content should provide engaging visual content to their readers in complement to the written content. As mentioned above, quality always beats quantity if served better.

So, focus on providing good value to quality content rather than focusing on word count.

Now, if we talk about content length or word count, there is no exact rule that there should always be this amount of content or word count. Every specific subject has its own value with subject details, resulting in a varying word count.

Content can indeed achieve higher rankings by providing longer comprehensive content.

2. E-A-T and Information Accuracy

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is considered most important for websites that post content related to people’s benefits, like a person’s health, even if it is an indirect ranking factor.

Website owners should keep in mind that they should post content only if they have mentioned accurate and original information.

It is believed that the algorithms of Google give priority to the content and rank high if the content on any subject is written by experts, such as people who are experts and has good experience in that field and who are with formal training in that field.

3. Freshness

The freshness algorithm of Google plays an important role as a game changer. This Freshness algorithm of Google came in June 2010, but it still has a lot of impact till date. So, publishers should always keep updating their content and sites.

As Google algorithm lists the content of the site on top which is the latest one or updated recently. So, this old content will not be available in the top lists of the searches. So publishers should have time to time update their content and websites as per Google’s algorithm to be listed in top search results.

Google always gives priority to new content and needs things up to date in its place. So, site owners or publishers should always try to provide quality content and always post something new which can shine different from all the crowd on google on the same concepts.

4. Brand Name and Domain Power

Branded searches provide a very strong signal to Google’s search algorithms. As more traffic a website gets by brand search by a user, the more it is recognized by the search algorithm of Google.

Many have noticed that the social signals from social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, and well-known social media platforms correlate with Google’s search rankings. But it doesn’t mean that just the strong presence on social media platforms alone will affect search rankings of Google.

What this means is that the combination of social media signals or links and brand power with other efforts of SEO ranking can get greater visibility on search results than on others.

The exact match of the search results with the domain name of the websites can also increase the chances of getting placed in the websites of the top search results.

Also, similar domain names which match at some point with searches of users can increase chances of Search ranking and get placed in the top search results. Moreover, it is recommended to buy SSL certificate that can secure your domain instantly and saves customers’ private details with strong encryption. A site owner can find discounted or cheap SSL certificate from authenticated sellers.

That’s why many websites decide and choose domain names very much similar to the content they are going to post on their website or on which specific field or subject their website is based.

5. Google Page Experience Signal

Google aims to provide the best quality user experience to its users. So, Google sees that every website listed in top search results should be the best in user experience and provide accurate, original, quality content with useful data like expert opinions, charts with stats, etc.

Google’s algorithms see that the top-listed websites should hold SSL certificates and should support HTTPS for user security and website trustworthiness.

The core web vitals for the main ranking factors of the websites are good loading and fast page speeds, visual stability, interactivity, functionality, mobile friendliness, and user experience.

The best user experience will reward more ranking.


SEO is essential if you want to rank your website in SERP. If a website owner or publisher wants to list their website or web content in the top search results of Google, they should necessarily opt for these top SEO Ranking Factors. To learn more about seo and digital marketing you can join The Thought Tree. They can guide you in the right direction.


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