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    Increase your product or service’s publicity by reading through these guerilla marketing blogs. These blogs will help you use surprise and/or unconventional interactions more efficiently in order for you to promote a product or service successfully.

    Best Guerilla Marketing Blogs for 2021

    This is the blog of Numero10, a branding and communication agency based in Berne, Switzerland. The blog features daily guerrilla marketing example updates that have been found over the internet. It’s good to see agencies keeping up-to-date!

    Guerrilla Marketing is about using unconventional means to achieve conventional goals. Helping businesses learn strategies & tactics to compete in the marketplace by using time, energy, imagination and information instead of a large budget. This blog is your source for everything Guerrilla Marketing.

    This is the agency blog for BEcause, a conversation marketing agency specialising in experiential marketing and social media. We get people talking about brands in the real and digital worlds. This blog features more strategy and tips rather than examples.

    This is a wonderful blog that features a very minimal site design which I really enjoy. Although posts are somewhat irregular, it doesn’t skimp on the content. The blog writes on different forms on guerrilla marketing, ambient advertising and outdoor marketing examples. Although still relatively new dating back to 2009, it has become a regular in the community.

    Founded in 2004 by two individuals, this blog has become a large resource for marketers. The blog takes on a ‘Mashable-sk’ approach by covering a wide variety of topics from Social Media to creative design.

    This blog looks at guerrilla marketing and other forms of “unconventional marketing” on a fairly regular basis. Founded back in 2007, it has gained a large readership via their social media channels and great content.

    Love Creative Marketing is a Promotional Staffing Agency that delivers below the line services including, guerrilla marketing, experiential marketing, pop up shops and digital social seeding. This blog shows innovative below the line marketing ideas & examples that will help raise awareness & increase sales.

    Created by three marketing individuals, this website has a wonderfully refreshing website design that provides examples of creative advertising. Although not specific to guerrilla marketing, they often provide guerrilla markting examples.

    This blog is a very popular source for marketers around the world that has a large following and is updated almost daily. This site features the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals, industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world.

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