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    Best Book Marketing Blogs for 2022

    Founded in 2012, Talmundo’s aim was to modernize and simplify new hire onboarding activities with employee experience as the main driver. Fast-forward to 2022, and our aim remains largely the same, except we cater to all changes within the employee journey!

    Enboarder is the only employee onboarding platform that solves the onboarding issue from where it matters. Follow our blog to get full of useful knowledge about employee onboarding, EX, and engagement.

    We’re with you for the long haul to continually improve employee onboarding through monitoring, check-ins, meetups and monthly educational webinars.

    Human Resources Today brings together the best content for HR professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders. It is brought to you by Aggregage.

    It’s no secret recruiting is super competitive, not just right now, but constantly and especially for employers seeking to hire hourly staff! You’ve tried everything, right? Your managers are frustrated, your employees are worn out, and the list could go on, so what do you do now?

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