3 best ways to make your business page thrive on Instagram: 2 free and 1 paid

If you have just opened IG for you and your business, you should be astonished with the fact that this platform has over 1000 posts uploaded to it every second and over 1 billion monthly active users, 60% of whom are visiting this social net daily. What a great market it is: and you should definitely try to get yourself a piece of it. To do so, you have to have a developed and catchy Insta page, which will help you to spread a word about your product, service or content and will also help to sell it. This article is exactly about it.

We will tell you about 2 free and 1 paid methods that work in 2022 and will help you to attract people and make them stay and buy: generally, you have to make three steps – make your content more visible, buy Instagram followers and find “online colleagues” who will exchange their audience with you. Let’s talk about each one of those in detail!

Making content visible

You might have guessed it, it is all about hashtags and geotags. But don’t click away, we have some tips and tricks for you here – you probably aren’t using them right. You see, the times of picking up 30 tags that somehow describe the content that you’re putting forward have gone to the past, today you need to be way more precise and thoughtful about what you’re using for tagging. Try to think like your client. What words would they use to describe and try to find whatever you’re putting forward? Okay, here you have them – now filter these words and leave 5-10 of those, the most specific ones and the most related ones. Now put them under each one of your posts and in stories. You’re going to see a major increase in views, trust us on this one.

Especially, if you’d add a creative location to it – don’t just use your actual location, be a little bit more sneaky here. Think of the places that people in your town might use to monitor something related to your business, something that’s already popular. And use this place’s tag with your posts. You’re going to see results pretty quickly as well.

Purchasing subs


Yes, this step is necessary and yes, it is very efficient. But: you have to make sure that you’re using a chance to buy real Instagram followers – only these are able to sufficiently improve statistics in addition to increasing the number of your readers. If you’d buy fakes and bots you can get into the shadow ban quite easily: it is a situation when Insta stops showing your posts as recommended, because it perceives your page as fake too.

So check the quality; if you don’t have time for that, just use the links in this article – this advice is priceless, just trust us here.

Finding “colleagues” online

We’re talking about bloggers – they are businessmen best friends! You can make PR free for you, if you’re able to work using barter. They give you PR, you give them products or services. Old as the world, works great always. If you cannot do that (if you’re trying to monetize content or there is just no opportunity for barter) be ready to invest – native ads from bloggers are totally worth it, and if you’d put some money into them today you’re going to get a great payoff later.


Try to combine as many promotional options from this article as possible and don’t hesitate to put in some money – you invest into your page today, it starts making money for you tomorrow.

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