6 Must Haves If You Are A Clumsy Phone User

In this day and age, phones are arguably the most crucial instrument. However, what should you do if you’re a clumsy phone user?

By this point, you’re undoubtedly aware that clumsy individuals are captives of their habits. Being clumsy is inevitable, especially if you lead a hectic life and have a tendency to daydream. You have to concentrate on what is under your power because you can’t truly change your temperament or circumstances. Here are six phone accessories you must have if you don’t want an accident.

  • The phone back-case:

For many mobile phone users, the case—which will protect your smartphone from the main risks of real damage and consequences when you drop, kick, or otherwise put the phone in danger—may be the most important accessory. Mobile phone covers come in a wide variety and are all specifically designed to fit the most popular brands of cell phones on the market today.

If you frequently use your phone in an environment where dropping it or experiencing other impacts is possible, we suggest using a cushioned case. This will prevent the majority of collisions, but some might still be serious enough to be harmful.

  • Screen protector:

The most fragile part of your mobile device is the display. Small screen damage may permanently impair your phone’s functionality and is expensive to restore. However, today’s smartphones often include a glass touchscreen so that another component may be shielded. You merely need to match your smartphone with one of the solutions created for your brand from the many shatterproof screen protectors available for particular phones.

A screen protector will shield your display from shattered glass or scratches caused by careless drops. A screen protector’s design doesn’t merely prevent scratches; it also deflects impact away from the glass display by absorbing it. As a result, a screen guard not only offers impact resistance but also enhances the look of your phone and shields the screen from uninvited smudges of dirt.

  • Power-bank:

You shouldn’t just use your charger to replenish your phone’s battery, even if you’re not careless. Since chargers and cables aren’t the most sturdy items, they might malfunction anytime. So it is crucial to be prepared and have a backup plan to be safe. Power banks are an excellent way to charge your phone when traveling or without access to electricity. In addition, you can easily buy mobile phone accessories online, such as power banks, screen guards, etc.

Power banks also offer a significant amount of power, so you can use them to routinely and wirelessly charge your phone without having to refuel them. Power Banks also have several charging connectors that let you charge many gadgets simultaneously.

  • Pop-socket:

Pop sockets provide protection, even more so if you enjoy juggling several objects in your hands. For example, pop sockets make it easier to hold your phone while carrying your backpack, water bottle, keys, and other accessories. They stretch and contract to create a firm hold and stop your phone from falling off and striking the ground. They attach to the rear of the mobile phone.

PopSockets allow the hand to unwind while maintaining a solid hold on the phone. Additionally, there is less chance of dropping the smartphone off the table because you can also use PopSocket as a holder to watch movies and play mobile games while remaining hands-free.

  • Dust plug:

The jack is typically the part of your phone that receives the least attention. Occasionally, phone covers include a jack cover. However, if you still need one, you must get a dust plug.

At the beach, dust plugs are necessary since they are small protector plugs that fit neatly into mobile jacks to block the entry of clay soil, water, or dust.

  • Microfiber-cloth:

A protective phone cover and impact-resistant screen protection shield your mobile phone from severe harm. However, soft materials like sand or dust might also harm it, particularly if you don’t clean it carefully.

You probably already know that your phone’s screen must be cleaned frequently since it is a potential source of microorganisms, but watch what you use. However, there is no need to use powerful cleansers because they might damage the screen and frame.

Microfiber towels are incredibly mild and may be used to wipe the screen of your mobile device delicately.


Of course, all of these measures can keep your phone secure, but if you treat it carelessly, purchasing phone insurance will provide the greatest results. Choosing to insure your phone from robbery or any other physical damage, in addition to a screen protector, phone cover, and dust plug may give you great peace of mind.

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