Benefits and Features of Building a Mobile App Like Uber for Startups in 2021

Uber is a world-famous app for the masses looking for a cab ride to their destination. The taxi app was initially introduced in the United States, and now it has grown to 60 countries serving satisfied users there. Many taxi businesses around the globe want to replicate the Uber software to grow businesses. Use This Link For Developing An App Like Uber and create a seamless interface for your users. There are many features and benefits of having a mobile app like Uber for your taxi service company; some of them are discussed in the following article.

Key features of the app

For creating an Uber Like Software, there are few features to be kept in mind for better performance of the app in the market. The existing Uber app consists of two types of platforms, the Drivers App created for Drivers partnering, and the Passenger App means for the regular customers who schedule their journey. Now let’s go through the feature that the app should contain:

Features an app like Uber must-have for Customers:

  • Maps and Geolocation interface

While For the development of an app like Uber, it is essential to keep in mind that such apps use maps and Geo-location interface (GPS), often known as Global Positioning System. This system helps in tracking the location of the customers as well as the drivers.

  • Payment gateways

Apps similar to Uber use several types of payment gateways to facilitate the users. They calculate the estimated cost for a trip and display them to the users. This helps the users to choose from the services of the company. Some of the standard payment methods used by the Uber Company include credit & debit cards, various UPI wallets, and Cash.

  • Ride cost Calculation

An app like uber contains an algorithm to calculate the ride cost. The algorithm calculates the base fares considering pick-up and drop place, type of service the customer chooses, cost per distance, cost per minute, etc.

  • Enrolment systems

An Uber-like software offers several ways for its user to register them within the app. A user can use a phone number at the time of registration. The app also asks the user to allow access to the location for the smooth running of the app and providing cab services to the customers.

  • Notification and Alert messages

When designing an app similar to the Uber framework, communication  and notification are the primary features for the customers to be kept in mind. Communicating with the customer and keeping them informed is the requirement of the company providing the service. Different paths include SMS, Mail, and push notification, which awake users about booking confirmation and car arrival.

Features an app like Uber must-have for Divers:

  • Diver Report

This feature should be included, which ensures the safety of both driver and passenger. It briefly describes the behavior of the driver. If the driver makes mistakes and continues, then uber has the right to ban them based on breaking the rules.

  • Advance Route Building

This feature is all about route development which helps the growth of the app. It provides the driver with the shortest possible route to take to reach their destinations. Thus, they become efficient, and customer satisfaction increases.

  • Driver destination

This improves the overall experience of the driver who partners with the company. The feature helps the driver to seek location, do the pick-up and drop-off of the passengers to their desired location. Thus they have more concentration and feel like the owner of the vehicle.

  • Heat maps

The heat map is an essential feature that simplifies driver work. Using heat maps, drivers can locate the high-demand area for their services and segregate those places to earn more revenue for themselves and the company.

Benefits of having an App like Uber

  • Speed up your services by automation

If you have a mobile service, it helps you streamline the service at various stages and remove the dispatcher from your service’s workflow. You can look out for your source of profit and concentrate on the masses who use the app frequently.

  • Get a broader base of customers and drivers

A cab booking app now has become an integrated part of the daily life of millennials. And extending the services to mobile helps you cater to a broader range of audiences. You only need to keep the audience of the app engaged in earning stable revenue throughout the year.

  • Take care of the unique features

Provide unique features to the users like ride review, interaction feature within the app, access to their booking history and the route they favor, loyalty programs, and many more. This feature will prove to be the point of difference which sets apart your app from other Taxi Dispatch Software in the market.


Thus, creating an app similar to Uber requires all the features mentioned to make it successful in the existing market. The App having all the mentioned features will prove beneficial for your company, can grow your business exponentially in the existing market and help you to generate more revenue in the future.

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Sunny  Chawla is a MD at Uber Clone App Company which is the Best Clone App Development Company helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on Web Development, Mobile App Development and Game Development.

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