Boosting Conversion Through Cross-Channel Marketing

Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads. Estimates show the average person sees more than 4000 ads per day! How can a company ensure their newest campaign is noticed by the target audience? One effective strategy many acknowledge as necessary in today’s world is cross-channel marketing.

Also known as omni-channel marketing, cross-channel campaign management focuses on providing consistent customer experiences across all channels. This encompassing approach is often vital in reaching intended consumers along the “customer’s journey.” As social media and other online platforms continue to expand in scope, the number of contact points along this journey has increased. However, with so many ways for brands to reach their audience, the potential for engagement and eventual conversion has likewise exploded.

Carefully planned cross-channel marketing campaigns and other cohesive outreach efforts have the power to boost visibility, increase retention, and drive conversion. To achieve such results, it’s crucial that you offer relevant and consistent experiences customized for each channel. The message should fit the format and style of the specific medium while simultaneously appealing to the customer’s needs. What’s more, your ads need to provide a clear path toward the desired action. An organization can incorporate email, social media, videos, images, or any number of marketing means into this strategy.

What makes cross-channel marketing effective? The method’s main purpose is to interact with consumers where they are and drive them back to the vendor. With so many platforms to choose from, some consumers may see a message on only one. This makes coverage across multiple platforms essential. Expansion like this works by spreading the message to as many future or current customers as possible. When done well, it can create a uniform, positive experience across several media platforms, in turn raising awareness and bolstering reputation.

A fundamental aspect of the tactic is delivering personalized messages. Relying on consumer or demographic data analysis, this approach utilizes previous customer interactions with the business to develop a more engaging message. In fact, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized marketing messages. This data can also shed light on how and where people are engaging with the organization. Such deep insight into the customer’s journey can help you adapt as well as optimize marketing strategies across channels.

When an organization delivers a cross-channel message that is personalized, consistent and appealing, it can yield major benefits — no matter the size of the business. From increasing brand loyalty to seeing higher engagement and a better return on investment, the advantages of creating the best experience for the target audience are limitless.

For more information on cross-channel marketing, along with an example of a customer’s journey, please see the accompanying resource.

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