Connect With Your Local Customers With Google Reviews

No matter how excellent your services are or how sincere your marketing practices may be, it has long been understood that what customers have to say about your company is more important than what you have to say about it.

Google has considered customer reviews in its local ranking algorithm, not just the amount but also the quality of those reviews, acknowledging the importance of such studies to consumers.

The relevance of Google Reviews for businesses

Even if the process of a Google review is quick and easy, there are still advantages. Your ability to fulfill business goals will increase as you are able to persuade more individuals to write a Google review for your company. Your local marketing approach should prioritize Google business reviews if you aren’t already giving them that much weight.


To support this, consider these figures and facts:

Added ratings and leads

Did you know that 88% of customers place a higher value on internet reviews than they do on personal recommendations? A Google searcher is more likely to interact with your business after finding it if you have more positive ratings.

More testimonials & increased sales

Before making purchases, consumers do their homework and read reviews. Actually, before feeling comfortable making a choice, they read at least 10 reviews. A purchase is more likely to be made the more positive Google customer reviews you have.

Higher rankings, more positive reviews

Businesses with a lot of favorable ratings are rewarded by Google. Google itself has acknowledged that they are a real local SEO ranking factor.

How To Generate More Google Reviews?

1. Request reviews from your consumers

Asking is all that is necessary to get your satisfied clients to write a review for your company.

“Asking for a favor” is a tactful way to approach them. You can contact them in a variety of ways, including through email, social media, and through your customer success agents.

Asking new clients to leave reviews demonstrates your confidence in them and your readiness to help them whenever they need it. Increasing the number of content customers will increase the number of reviews and sales.

2. Embed Google reviews on your website

Another great way to increase your number of Google reviews is to embed them on your website. The website of a brand is a crucial marketing touchpoint that needs to have content that can convert potential customers into existing customers.

You can attain these benefits and much more by embedding Google reviews into your website. The process is extremely simple and does not need any prior experience or coding skills. Using a responsive review platform like Taggbox Widget, you can effortlessly collect, curate and embed reviews from different review platforms including Google.

The tool also allows the users to make the review widget more impactful by leveraging the features offered by the tool. From a range of customization options, a content moderation panel, and advanced analytics, to real-time content updates and customer assistance, the tool offers everything you need! Overall, this tool and most importantly, this strategy is amazing and can help you in building your brand’s social proof and also, improve your website’s impact.

3. Express Gratitude for the reviews provided by clients

It’s usually a good idea to thank your clients for their great comments. Trust may be built and the basis for strong customer connections can be laid by expressing thanks and developing communication on that basis.

4. Reply back on feedback

You must reply to Google reviews almost promptly in order to maintain your online reputation since your pleased consumers took the time out of their busy schedules to publish one.

A system for managing internet reviews also delivers automated answers in response to these reviews.

Since reacting to a bad review is now just as crucial as responding to a positive one, the review management system notifies you when one is posted.

5. Customers should be asked to respond to surveys

This aids in your ability to identify flaws or errors in your goods and services, allowing you to fix them and, as a result, improve client satisfaction.

Additionally, it establishes your company’s reputation as one that listens to and responds to client feedback. As a result, you earn converts who are loyal and devoted.

Key Takeaways

Customers actually believe what other customers have to say. Indeed, a lot of individuals believe that online reviews left by strangers are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

Make use of that to your benefit. Asking for Google reviews from your clients should become a habit. Making it as simple as you can will increase the likelihood that Google business reviews will appear on your listing, giving you access to all of the rank, image, and income advantages it has to offer.

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