Creative Shipping Ideas to Amaze Your Customers

A client visited your website, appreciated what they noticed, and made a purchase. You will soon complete their order, package it, and ship it out. All that’s left to do is hope they will shop with you again in the future. Here a question arises of how they will remember their brand. You can hook their attention for a long time by providing them with a quality product packed in personalized packaging.

Adding a little customized touch to your packaging can remind clients about your element’s website when they receive their order. Does it certainly work, though? Look at a number of those stats to see how crucial your packaging is:

72% of Americans declare that product packaging influences their buying selections. 30% of corporations report an increase in sales after updating their packaging. Sellers who use the highest quality or branded packaging see 30% of their customers return to make some other buy.

The above statistical information demonstrates that your product packaging plays a crucial role. And it is one of the most significant factors that you need to consider before shipping your products to their destination. In this article, we will discuss some creative ideas to amaze your customers.

1. Use Business Playing Cards:
It is one of the best ideas to introduce your brand. Do you have business cards for your company’s website? This is one of the easiest ways you can show your consumer that there’s someone at the back of the laptop screen. It additionally makes it smooth for them to communicate with you and, as a result, helps you build belief with your customers. You can even write some personal notes like “Thanks!” or “Any Questions? Call me!” is written at the bottom of the card.

2. A Professional Packing Slip:
It is common practice to attach a packing slip with your shipments, and 60% of human beings want one. Instead of a simple version with basic order information, you could create a version together with your company logo. In this manner, delivery is genuinely easy to do using a program just like the USPS delivery. The authority you gain as a professional parts dealer is reflected on your parts site.

3. Add a Coupon:
What about a coupon code for a discount on their next order? We all know that clients like saving money, and 37% of humans say they would like to look at a discount to get quality products without breaking the bank. Including a reduction encourages them to store with you once more next time. So you have to develop some coupon ideas and attach them to your packaging before shipping out products.

4. Incorporate Something Small:
Perhaps you need to try tossing something small, like a pen or bumper sticker, into every shipping carton. You can order these things in bulk for fairly reasonably priced, however can remind clients about their purchase for a long time. They may additionally just think about your brand every time they use that pen! It’s a top-notch manner to stay at the forefront of their mind.

5. Go with Something Unique:
You can praise your potential customers with something a little extra significant for expensive orders. How approximately is a T-shirt or a barcode? This also can inspire word-of-mouth products if your consumer wears that T-shirt around… letting others know you are online and capable of promoting your brand in the surrounding environment.

6. Professional delivery label:
You can also create a wow effect within shipping with the help of packaging. Similar to a pleasing-searching packing slip, you can also make your label stand out on custom mailer boxes in the most effective and sophisticated way. Don’t add complex labels to your packaging. Something as truthful as your logo can add a personal touch. Again, this is very easy to set up if you have shipping management software.

7. Use Colored tape:
It is one of the best and most reasonable shipping packaging ideas that makes your packaging highlighted and will please your potential customers. It is the most appropriate manner of instantly standing out from other varieties of packaging.

While you don’t want to go as far as custom-printed tape, there are lots of places to shop for colored tape. Apply tape to your packaging and make it more personalized.

8. Custom-designed Box:
If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can order custom mailer boxes by Blue Box Packaging to make your shipment immediately recognizable. You can continually use custom mailer boxes for high-order shipments but you should consider traditional packaging for clients who are not willing to spend more on packaging. But if you have a big order and your client expects something different and premium then it is time to go with custom-designed boxes that represent your brand most effectively and elegantly.

9. Add a Thank you Note:
A handwritten note adds a special contact to your packaging. Customers see you as a man or woman who wrote down a note. Whether you write it on a business card, on the packing slip, or immediately on the container itself, a brief “thank you!” can deliver a smile on your customer’s face.



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