Helpful Content Update – Do SEOs need to worry

SEO Strategies have undergone a sea of change in the past few years. From focusing only on optimizing pages for relevant keywords, the marketing technique has evolved into a more complex process highlighting numerous factors for ranking websites. 

Recently, Google announced a new algorithm update called “Helpful Content Update,” which has left many SEOs and webmasters wondering if it would negatively affect their website’s rankings. In this article, compiled by the best SEO agency USA, we will explain what this upgrade is all about and if SEOs need to worry about it.

The Helpful Content Update

Google’s algorithm updates regularly, but making sense of it is an entirely different story. For starters, let’s understand what the “Helpful Content Update” is all about. It pertains to web pages’ content and the value it adds to users. 

This update aims to help users find pages that feature original and informative content that answers their search queries. Therefore, it’s all about providing users with a better experience.

How To Rank Higher?

The eligibility of a page to rank higher would depend on the content’s quality displayed in the first few paragraphs of a web page. Additionally, Google has set parameters for the content to be deemed “Helpful Content”. 

The content displayed on the page should be informative and original. The information available should be fully researched and should include primary and secondary sources. It should be engaging while also respecting a user’s privacy. In short, the user experience is paramount, and it’s the user’s satisfaction that determines the ranking.

The “Helpful Content Update” has left some website owners worrying. However, it’s essential to remember that if your website’s content is original, informative, engaging, and enhances user experience, there is no need to worry. 

Also, if your site’s ranking has been impacted, it undoubtedly needs content updates that meet Google’s new standards. Such updates would improve your site’s performance by offering an excellent user experience that matches Google’s parameters.

What Does The Helpful Content Update Have in Store For You?

The Helpful Content Update from Google boasts several new features to help content creators and SEO professionals. By prioritizing the user’s needs, excellent content will have an easier time ranking higher on the search engine results page. 

Writers and editors can now be confident in their work if it meets Google’s standards. So for those who create quality content, this update is great news! Crafting meaningful pieces that offer value to users no longer has to be done in vain; the new algorithm will reward it with more visibility on Google search. 

All said, this update has a positive outlook for valuable content creators and remains advantageous for SEOs if they continue providing quality content.

Things to Keep in mind about Google’s Helpful Content Update

The update will roll out in phases

Google has said that the update will roll out in phases, so it may take some time for all users to see the changes. Additionally, the company has said that the update will constantly be evolving, so there may be further changes down the road.

The update is designed to surface more helpful content

The primary goal of the update is to surface more helpful content in the search results. This includes content that is relevant, accurate, and informative. Google has said that it will use various signals to determine which content is most helpful, including click-through rate and time on site.

The update will impact all types of searches

The update will impact all searches for local businesses, products, and general information. This means that businesses will need to ensure that their content is relevant and informative to rank well in the search results.

Some sites may see a decrease in traffic

While the overall goal of the update is to surface more helpful content, it’s possible that some sites may see a decrease in traffic as a result. This is because Google’s algorithms will see not all content as equally helpful. As such, businesses need to make sure that their content is high-quality and informative if they want to avoid a drop in traffic.

The update is based on user feedback

Google has said that the update is based on user feedback, suggesting that people were not happy with the quality of content they saw in the search results. This likely played a role in Google’s decision to change its algorithms.

Google isn’t providing specifics on how the algorithm works

As with any algorithm change, Google doesn’t specify how the new algorithm works. This makes it difficult for businesses to know exactly what they need to do to rank well in the search results. However, Google has said that quality and relevance are key factors, so businesses should focus on creating high-quality content to rank well.

The update doesn’t mean that all low-quality content will be removed from the search results

Just because Google is making changes to its algorithms doesn’t mean that all low-quality content will be removed from the search results. In fact, Google has said that there will still be a place for “low-quality” content in certain situations. For example, if someone is looking for a quick answer to a question, they may still find low-quality content useful. However, if someone is looking for comprehensive information on a topic, they are likely to prefer high-quality content over low-quality content


As Google always prioritizes the user experience, quality content would only produce positive results. The “Helpful Content Update” presents an opportunity for creators and the best SEO agency USA to help clients rank higher on the search engine results page. 

It’s beneficial to focus on continuously creating quality content that provides value to the users. The essence of SEO’s success in 2021 still lies in satisfying your audience with modernized content that emphasizes the user’s needs, and the new update is just an ideal way to push this essential objective. 

Enjoy the update, and remember that creating quality content is the best and preferred way to rank high on the search engine results page.


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