How Fulfillment Can Create a Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Building a customer-centric supply chain can create more trust in your business. Plus, your customers will have convenient access to everything that they need. If you want to build a better business, the best place to start is with your customers’ experiences. Optimizing the customer experience extends to thoughtful packaging choices, ensuring not only the safe delivery of products but also creating an unboxing experience that resonates with your brand. Thoughtfully designed and sustainable packaging not only protects your products but also contributes to a positive and memorable interaction, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and your customers.

We put together this guide to help you create your own customer-centric supply chain using fulfillment. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Customers Get More Visibility

First, fulfillment can offer customers more visibility regarding their orders. When they can easily see where their order is at any time, they will trust your company a lot more.

Fulfillment also lets you see where all your goods are at any time. You can see what’s on trucks going out for delivery, what’s in the warehouse, and more. That way, you can help customers who might have the wrong order. More visibility on their orders will also help them discover if something’s wrong before their order arrives.

Plus, you’ll be able to tell customers if their order is delayed for any reason. You can give them more options along with that visibility, so they can make a choice that suits them the best when it comes to their order.

Customers’ visibility of their orders is crucial to their experience. They’ll feel more comfortable knowing where their order is and how long they must wait for it to arrive. If there are any mistakes, knowing where your inventory is makes it easier for you to correct the customer issues too.

2. They Use Data To Enhance Customer Experiences

Next, 3PL fulfillment centers use software that collects data on orders. You can use that information to better serve your customers. 

Machine learning tools allow ecommerce businesses to better tell what their customers want. You can see how shipping times directly impact customers’ feelings about their orders. 

The data also allows fulfillment to automate and assess some of the steps. It can tell which employees are the most effective in the supply chain and recommend that they keep assisting customers.

You can use the data these programs collect to build on customer experiences. If you think something is lacking but aren’t sure what to change, this will benefit you greatly.

3. Customers Receive Faster Delivery

Using fulfillment logistics can also allow customers to receive faster delivery times, making them feel more satisfied with their orders. Customers unsatisfied with delivery speed won’t order from you again, so it’s important to get it right.

Dispatch and routing software that comes with fulfillment helps delivery drivers find the best package delivery route. It ensures that the speed is reasonable for customers. Plus, it’s automated, so you don’t have to worry about sending the drivers out.

It finds the best route, so you can get the packages out faster. That way, you satisfy more customers quickly by meeting their expectations.

4. Customers Pay Less For Delivery

Next, customers can also save on delivery. They’re much less likely to complete the order if the shipping fee is too high. Instead, they’ll usually see if they can find the same goods somewhere else.

The routing software can reduce the delivery cost, enabling drivers to deliver much faster. You can pass those savings on to your customers, which makes them happy. They’ll be more likely to return to your business when they feel they got a good deal.

The software also can optimize batch deliveries, helping your drivers take more orders simultaneously. That way, you won’t need as many drivers, which also helps you reduce delivery costs.

Plus, many fulfillment companies get better deals on packaging products, which can help them lower the cost of shipping even further. They’ll pass those savings onto your business, so you can reduce the shipping fee for customers even more.

In short, customers can benefit from brands that use fulfillment because they don’t have to pay quite as much for shipping. They’re much less likely to abandon their online shopping carts when they see that you offer good prices for delivery. So, shipping costs can impact your brand’s customer loyalty.

5. Customers Get More Accurate Tracking

Customers enjoy accurate tracking features. While we discussed visibility above, having high-quality tracking functions will benefit the customer (and you) even more. Fulfillment can offer these benefits.

Accurate tracking provides customers with even more visibility regarding their orders. They’ll know when to expect the package so they can pick it up. Plus, if they’re ordering for a special event, they can rest assured that they will receive it once.

Quality tracking can drastically boost customer satisfaction because they know where their order is and when it’ll arrive. If you have inaccurate tracking, it is sure to have the opposite impact on your customers’ experiences.

6. Fulfillment Offers Safe Contactless Delivery

There are many customers today who want contactless delivery. Fulfillment centers can let your customers know they’ll still safely receive their products, even if they don’t want to answer the door for any reason. 

Offering contactless delivery is the new standard. So, you’ll want to ensure your customers have this option. It’s convenient for many people and helps them feel secure. You’ll want to start immediately if you aren’t offering this service.

7. Customers Can Receive a Unique Packaging Experience

Lastly, you can use unique branded packaging when working with fulfillment centers. Customers love this because it makes the order feel more personal. Plus, it benefits your business because you can use more of your brand identity in your packaging.

Customers like branded packaging more because it shows that the company they bought from cares. If your competitors use simple packaging, customers will have a much more positive experience.

Lastly, customers feel more excited when they know a unique box is coming for them. They’ll watch for it and look forward to receiving their order even more. You can have a lot of fun designing unique packaging with fulfillment services, so check it out.

Upgrade Your Fulfillment To Impress Customers

Customers today have high expectations when they order from an online ecommerce business. Using fulfillment can help you meet all of those expectations and build a positive customer experience for them.

Putting your customers’ needs and wants first will build brand loyalty, which will help your business grow in the long run.

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