Spicing Up Images with Stickers and Shapes in an Online Photo Editor

Do you remember purchasing pages of stickers from the stationary shop and then sticking them on the cards made for our loved ones or friends? Sometimes, children themselves draw flowers and stickers and color them to enhance the emotional feel or to show their love to their siblings and parents. Gone are the days when people craft cards with their hands, write something touchy, and add stickers. Now in the age of digital platforms, people express their love using digital devices and platforms. That’s why an online photo editor brings a library of free-to-use stickers and shapes, so anyone can decorate their posts and pictures to spread love and share feelings. In this article, we will discuss the value of using stickers and shapes in our posts. 

Have Some Fun with Stickers in an Online Photo Editor 

To bring back your childhood memories and provide you with the same experience of love and devotion, an online photo editor like CapCut introduces stickers and shapes. In the sticker library, you will get cute emojis, illustrations, vector photos, clipart, quirky symbols, etc. Stickers are very helpful when you want to add personality to your posts. No matter what the event is, an online photo editor will provide you with pages and pages of free-to-use stickers related to every aspect of life. For example, if you are designing your wedding invitation card using an invitation maker, you can add stickers that match the wedding vibe like flowers, a ring, bride and groom, etc. 

Shapes as a Secret Weapon in your Photos

Most of the time, royalty-free images did not fulfill our needs. Sometimes we do not get what you want and usually, it asks you to pay for the pro version or subscription to download the photos without any watermark. However, in an online photo editor like CapCut creative suite, you can type any name or category and you will see pages of shapes and stickers related to it. You can enjoy heart shapes, lines, curves, thinking bubbles, boards, bullet points, and more. 

Vast Library of Stickers in CapCut Creative Suite

For all those who belong to the education sector and invest their energies in creating amazing presentations and stories for kids, an online photo editor is the best tool for them to use. For example, talking about the body parts you can add stickers related to it. You can introduce fruits and vegetables to children by using those stickers. Moreover, shapes are another best way to let the children identify what shape it is and its purpose. Besides, you can use stickers related to home, accessories, travel, manners, cooking, food, animals and birds, occupation, buildings, shops, and more. Moving forward, you can change the color or theme of many stickers. An online photo editor provides an extensive color palette to choose colors from it.

Super Easy Editing 

The freedom of customization and transformation is another advantage of using an online photo editor for shapes and stickers. While choosing the stickers or shapes for your post or picture, it is necessary to make a careful choice. Your sticker should match the essence of your picture. You can put a funny or laughing sticker on the photo that reflects sadness. For a happy photo, the sticker should reflect the happiness, and for trauma, you can choose the stickers according to it. Besides, you can change the place of your sticker in the image and rotate it to any degree freely. 

Here Comes the Step-by-Step Guide to CapCut Online Photo Editor 

Here is the step-by-step guide leading to the CapCut Online photo editor and how to use the tools. 

  • STEP 01: Account signup on CapCut

Account sign-up on CapCut is a smooth process. Enter your email address and let the website do the auto-verification. 

  • STEP 02: Drag and drop files

Start dragging and dropping files to apply the tools to make stunning transformations.

  • STEP 03: Quick edits using tools

Make quick edits using tools like photo background remover, text-to-image, text-to-design, transparent background, image-to-image, batch edit images, old photo restoration, image upscaling, and more. 

  • STEP 04: Saving documents

Let’s download the files by clicking on the export button. The export button will open up file formats like MP4, PPT, PDF, PNG, JPEC, etc. Moreover, you can share your photos and videos directly with your friends and coworkers. 


Usually, the stickers and shapes in an online photo editor are considered underrated but they play a significant role in enhancing your post design. Through shapes and stickers, you can add a personal touch to each post and unleash creativity. Online photo editor makes the editing process more enjoyable with stickers and shapes. Try using the CapCut online photo editor next time if you want to jazz up your posts.

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