Things You Should Know Before Starting With Google Analytics As A Beginner

After the official launch of Google analytic back in November 2005, it has been one of the critical factors deciding marketing metrics. Google Analytics is the most popularly used web analytics service on the web.

Marketers around the world have been at the forefront to adapt to google analytics and use it to benefit their clients by improving their business.

This article will check out some key factors related to google analytics and how you can use it effectively for your business as a beginner.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides an easy and free solution to track and analyse visitors to your website. Even if you have thousands or more than that visitor every month, but if won’t be able to know anything about them, the exercise is practically meaningless.

With its robust google analytics tools, the method can assist you to make the fullest use of visitors and the prospective customer who would like to turn them into customers.

Therefore, In addition to tracking the number of visitors, Google Analytics provides critical analysis of how the website is performing and what can be done to meet the expected goals.

With google analytics, everything from how much traffic your website is getting to where that traffic is coming from and how visitors behave know anything

You can even use it to track social media activities, mobile app traffic, find out new trends and integrate other data sources which will help you make well-informed business decisions.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics acquires user data from every visitor to the website through the use of page tags. A JavaScript page tag is inserted into the code of each page. This tag runs in the web browser of each visitor, collecting data and sending it to one of Google’s data collection servers.

It can thus generate a google analytics report to track data that includes critical information such as the number of users, bounce rates, page views, average session duration, etc.

What Does Google Analytics Do?

Google Analytics is used to track website performance and collect visitor insights. It can help organizations determine top sources of user traffic and analyse the success of their marketing activities and campaigns. It also helps discover patterns and trends in user engagement and obtain other visitor information such as demographics.

This report generated by google analytics basically can be further used to improve marketing campaigns, drive website traffic, and help with customer retention.

Google Analytics offers information about user behavior that can be critical for your business. There are many reasons why you should be using Google Analytics.

Benefits Of Using Google Analytics For Your Business

  • You can measure your website’s performance
  • You can see if your marketing efforts are working
  • You can quickly identify the most appropriate type of content to create and products to be listed on the website

Things You Should Be Considered Before Starting With Google Analytics

Google Analytics might look a bit difficult, but you can achieve tremendous success with proper guidance. Follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is create a Google Analytics account and add a tracking code to your website.
  • Classify users into different segments such as age-wise, gender-wise, countrywide, based on their device type, etc.
  • Optimize website pages to boost conversions
  • Focus traffic sources. custom reports, and social settings
  • Track the referral traffic your website receives, primarily for small businesses and large MNC’s
  • Stay updated with google analytics algorithmic updates such as passage ranking, multitask unified model(MUM), sub-topic rankings, page experience updates, etc.

What Factors Does Google Analytics Measure?

  • Google analytics helps to find out how often the website is being visited
  • How users find the site. The source of their information becomes essential.
  • Location of the users from where they come from
  • Time of user’s website visit
  • Duration of users spending time on the site


Google Analytics is a free tool to track user behaviours on your website. With a range of metrics to explore, you can start to get a picture of how people use your website and how you can make changes to increase sales.

On a basic level, you can track how many visitors you have, how they found you, the number of views a page receives, and more.

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