Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Digital marketing has become the best way to advertise a business in recent times. There are some digital marketing agencies that devote time to research and understand about the new changes every week. However, taking time to keep up with the perplexing algorithm updates and recent buyer information can prove to be a herculean task even to the most veteran advertiser. So, here’s a compiled list of top 10 digital marketing blogs that will boost your digital knowledge.

The Moz blog

If you want to stay updated with industry news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives, then this blog is the right place. The blog covers every detail about any particular topic in a comprehensible way without making it overwhelming for the readers. It enables the readers to deepen their knowledge of SEO and teaches them on how to incorporate it in their marketing strategy. The blog has step- by- step guides on SEO marketing. Do check out their blog to get analysis of the latest google algorithm update, guide for keyword planning and most importantly about SEO and inbound marketing.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is a well renowned name in the marketing field. He has a great level of marketing expertise that is unmatchable to present competition. The blogs are mainly focused on digital marketing. He is one of the top marketers who has built companies like KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg plus. He is also a consultant for several Fortune 100 brands. His blogs cover information about engaging content, conversion optimization, SEO, digital marketing and much more. Do check out this blog to get tactical resources on how to get things done and information on digital marketing.

Search engine Journal

This blog site gives readers information about the latest SEO news. It is the go-to source to get information on SEO news. Search engine journal sources news from Google and offers advanced tips on SEO and PPC. Search engine journal gives information about the latest algorithm update. If you want to know whether your business is following best practices and the latest algorithm then this should be the first site that you need to check. Do follow them to get the latest SEO news.

Convince and Convert

Convince and convert gives advice on a wide range of topics like social media marketing, content marketing, word of mouth marketing and customer experience. It is available in different forms like website, podcast, blog, book and ebook. The blog talks about best email subject lines, how to optimize websites for voice search and focuses on explaining “so what?”for a business. It is the perfect site if you want to learn more about digital advertising. Do not miss out their valuable updates on content marketing, word of mouth, social media marketing and customer experience. Visit this website for best leading digital marketing services in india.

Search Engine Land

If you want to know about digital marketing, advertising and promotion strategies, then this blog site is for you. The site features trending topics, breaking news and forecasts with data projections. The team of Search Engine Land accepts articles from subject matter experts who are equipped with proven success. The blog publications help businesses to improve their online marketing strategies. Do not miss their updates on search engine marketing and google algorithm.

Marketing Land

Marketing land publishes quality content on various topics and industry news. Their daily posts cover breaking stories, latest industry trends, and tips on digital marketing. Apart from this, they publish content on topics like email marketing, social media marketing, etc. The blog allows its readers to interact with various industry leaders while providing top quality engaging content simultaneously. Do check out their website to get information on upcoming launches and latest digital marketing announcements.


The blog provides analytics and testing insights on every topic related to marketing. The blog expertises in data- driven marketing. Their posts guide companies who are looking for solutions to improve their online marketing. Lot of their posts helped many companies to achieve their marketing goals. Their posts are backed up by corresponding metrics that provide and support their reasoning. Do follow them regularly to get information on statistical trends and guide to improve your brand’s online performance.


HubSpot is the company that came up with the invention of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a business strategy of attracting customers by giving out useful content. HubSpot tops in inbound marketing. Their strategy is to create content on almost every topic that is important from an advertising standpoint. This strategy garners millions of reads by the marketers daily. This is a go- to site for people looking to learn cutting- edge strategies. Do check out their website to get best insights on inbound marketing.


Econsultancy blog offers their insights in a wide range of topics like digital marketing spectrum along with specific information on niche industries. Their blogs offer practical advice for brands to market themselves online by incorporating innovative trends. Econsultancy offers advice for marketing that can be implemented by any business to reach their goals. Check their blog regularly to get best advice on digital marketing.

Content marketing institute

Content is a crucial aspect of digital marketing campaigns. Content Marketing institute offers best insights on how content helps the brand. They help the brands in retaining customers through compelling storytelling strategies. Their main objective is to educate the marketers through their events and resources. They provide best ideas and expertise for content marketers regularly. Do check out their blog to get information on content strategy, storytelling and best blogging practices.

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