Unlocking the Facts: How GSM Phone Unlocking Works and Why It Matters

Once upon a time, unlocking a cell phone was considered to be an impossibility. For many years, when you bought a cell phone, it had to come directly from a cell phone company, which placed a lock on the phone to ensure that you used their service.

Times have changed, however, and unlocking cell phones is easy to do these days. You might not have realized that unlocking your cell phone can be highly beneficial to you as a consumer. Many people are not aware that this is even possible. If you are looking to find out more about unlocking your cell phone, you need to keep reading.

What is GSM Phone Unlocking?

First of all, let’s talk about what GSM unlocking is. When you purchase a cell phone from a carrier, the phone will be “locked” with a software code that has been placed on the device. This lock is used to ensure that the phone is only used with the provider’s cell phone network. Even new phones that are bought straight from the manufacturer are sometimes locked until you choose a carrier for cell phone service.

If you are not sure if your phone is locked or not, an IMEI check can identify the current status of the phone correctly. This can be especially helpful if you have purchased a used phone that is supposed to be unlocked. Knowing the status of the phone can be a big help when it comes to picking the best cell phone service and data plan for your specific needs.

GSM devices are designed to be used with a SIM card. These cards are physical in nature and can be changed out at the cell phone owner’s discretion. This is different from the technology that is prevalent in the US. In the US, CDMA is used to provide digital cell phone SIM cards. These cards can only be accessed with the help and acknowledgment of the cell phone carrier in question.

Why Does GSM Unlocking Matter?

GSM phones were designed to be more flexible in their use. This style of device offers consumers a lot of flexibility compared to CDMA phones. With a GSM phone, you can choose which carrier you want to use when you travel. Since these phones often come with a lock on them from a specific carrier, it is important to know that you are allowed to break the lock and use the phone in whichever way you think is best for your budget and specific needs.

Unlocked phones cannot be linked specifically with a carrier contract, which means that you will own your own device and its use. This is unique when compared to CDMA phones, which are actually the property of the carrier providing cell service until they have been paid off or the cell phone contract has been broken.

Benefits of GSM Unlocking

There are many potential benefits of unlocking your GSM device. We will briefly cover the top reasons why this is a great idea.

1. No Need to Keep Buying New Phones

If you are tired of having to get a new phone each time you switch carriers, GSM unlocking will help you break this cycle. You can be done with having to get used to a new phone over and over when your current phone still works great. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to unlock their phones, and it can be a big help if you are just exhausted by trying to get used to a new phone every year.

2. Your Phone Will be More Valuable

If you have an unlocked device, your phone will be more valuable when you choose to sell it. Being free of contracts can help you to sell your phone for its actual market value. You can also give your phone to someone else who is not using the same carrier as you are without issue. This makes it easy to pass phones around within your family and save money this way as well.

3. Freedom to Choose Your Service

If you are tired of the cell phone carrier that you are currently contracted with, you can simply choose to end your contract and move on. This is one of the most powerful arguments for unlocking your phone. Being able to choose where to get your cell phone service without being limited by considerations of device cost and various other contractual obligations can be really nice. For those who travel a lot or who leave the country for work, this can also be a key reason to unlock your phone.

4. International Service You Can Afford

One of the main complaints that people have about their locked phones is that traveling internationally and utilizing their devices can cost an arm and a leg. If your phone is unlocked, you will be able to use your device while you travel with ease. There are a few limitations in specific countries, but overall, you should be able to use your unlocked phone wherever you want to travel in the world.

GSM Unlocking is Ideal for Many Reasons

There are so many reasons that you might want to unlock your cell phone and now you can! If you are not sure if your phone is locked or not, you can run a simple IMEI check to find out. Being able to unlock your device can offer you the chance to save money, to resell your phone for its actual value, and to use your device when you travel outside of your home country.

In today’s world, being allowed the choice to work with any cell phone carrier that you wish is probably more than enough reason to unlock your device. Now that this is a realistic option that is offered to cell phone owners all over the world, there is no reason to continue to struggle against the limitations of your current locked device and cell phone plan.

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