Why Your Business Needs Customer Reviews And Ratings

It is 2023, and the harshest truth for business owners is that customers immediately skip to the reviews section once they visit your website.

Year after year, statistics demonstrate the importance of ratings and reviews for any business. A mint and pristine statistics by BrightLocal has revealed that nearly 93% of customers will read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. Can you even imagine the loss if you are not using customer reviews in your marketing strategies?

In fact, many businesses are transitioning with time and opting to embed Google reviews on websites due to its enormous scope and flexible opportunities. And truth be told, many reasons have led reviews to become a part of a marketing strategy. But two stand out – it is cheaper and highly effective.

If you still on the fence about adding customer reviews and ratings, even after such effectiveness, you have landed on the right place. This guide will unpack everything about ratings and reviews and what is important for your business. And then, we will share our insight on Google Reviews. Especially, opting to add widget for Google reviews on your website that can lead to explosive business growth

But Before That Let’s Start With The Basics

Any positive or even negative comments about your product or service can be considered reviews for your business. These comments can be online as well as offline. But since we are talking about the brand’s digital presence, we will focus on online reviews and ratings.

These online approvals and advocacy can come to you in many forms. It can be an email, or detailed feedback on Google reviews. It also comes to you as user-generated content. You have to keep your eyes and arms open.

But what’s the difference between customer reviews and ratings? And does the difference even matter?

Trust us; you are not the first to have this question in your mind. Let us help you out.

While a review looks like a detailed comment about your product or service and talks about every aspect, a rating may come to you as a star score from 1-5 stars or may have pointers. And may or may not contain a written account of your business. And as we talk, you must be aware that your customers will expect both from your business. And to have the best of both worlds is to hop to Google reviews. Google reviews have rating and review features that you may utilize while showcasing your business. For customer success having time constraints, star ratings can serve them, and for the customers willing to know every comment about your products or services, you can come up with detailed reviews.

But Why Customer Reviews and Ratings are Important For Your Business?

Business owners have a hard time believing that customer reviews and ratings can be important for their business to flourish. Let’s have a look at the benefits and bust this myth as well.

1. Helping You To Build Trust

Online reviews and ratings are a great source of information for your target customers. Simply because they are written in an unbiased manner most of the time. Think about it – your customers are at your digital shop. Do they just read the product description and move on to the purchase page?

No. Your customers do not care what you have to say about your product or service. Rather they will trust feedback from another customer who has already experienced your product or service. Your customers know that your salesperson (a product description or a Chabot) will present your business in the best and most biased way. On the other hand, the customer who has written the Google review will gain nothing from it.

You can also embed these positive reviews on your website. Well, of course, you are not misleading your target customers. You have the right to present your business in a good light. The only difference is that you are backing it with trustworthy elements and statistics. These customer reviews on your website only reassure the claims you make about your business.

2. It Helps You Control Over SEO

When it comes to reviews and feedback, you should know that Google is omnipresent. And nearly 81% of customers use Google reviews to determine the quality of a business. And the best part is that it can help you immensely in SEO.  Google reviews are not just for show. They can also provide spectacular growth in your SEO efforts. You might have noticed that the reviews by your customers contain keywords about your business. Instead of looking at just one review, look at them as content. And the fact is, this is how Google sees them. As soon as new content is added, Google finds something to crawl. These customer reviews can be good or even bad. But they contain information about your business, such as features, benefits or location.

Such information helps Google gain a clearer picture of your business. And Google wants to know everything about your business. So that helps you to get better ranks in SERPS.

While in the business, you should know that Google has developed an impeccable way of understanding Google reviews as the searchers do. At the same time, the positive comments tell Google that your business is of high quality. Hence, justifying the coincidence of showcasing the businesses with the most reviews on the top. SEO is always operational, moving and changing, so if you want to stick to a simple strategy and simplify the process, go for fetching customer reviews for your business.

3. Boosts The Conversion Rates Of Your Business

Watching your customers have confidence in your products or services is the best thing for a business owner. When it comes to boosting a business’s conversion rates, Google reviews are the best way to achieve this.

Your target customers indeed look at the reviews to validate their purchases. However, this is more than just online stores. A vast majority of customers read your products’ reviews before visiting your offline store. Such processes help them to have confidence in your business and take a chance. In fact, recent statistics by MarTech have shown that eCommerce customers who diligently read both reviews and customers’ questions and answers are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting the site.

You should know that your target customers need more time. They must go through only a few reviews. But they want enough reviews to put their best foot forward. Believe it or not, but Google reviews is the most trustworthy platform which you can use in every step of your marketing strategies.

In fact, opting to embed Google reviews on websites is the most helpful favor you can do to your target audience. But remember to respond to Google reviews, no matter whether they are positive or negative. Customers love to have a responsive seller.

4. It Helps You Reform Your Product and Customer Experience

Customer reviews are a reliable source of information. It is the insights and inputs shared by your customer base that have already experienced your products or services. These insights help the business owner to understand the loophole in the product.

It is a clear path where your customers can talk to you about what they want your product to look like. And by acting on these reviews, you can bring about positive product changes.

As a business owner, you must know that a single bad step in the customer journey can tarnish your reputation in the marketplace. But here’s the thing, you can always take such a thing as an opportunity to improve the product. You can focus on the areas where multiple feedbacks is pointing out. Such small steps help to take the customer experience to the next level. In fact, online reviews provide you with a great opportunity for product innovation. And if you want to survive in this fast-paced business scenario, you must be prompt with product innovation.

It is also amusing to know that, traditionally, product innovation did not involve customers. But after web 2.0 arrived, customers were encouraged and welcomed to participate in the discussion and provide general feedback about the product or service. Hence, helping to create a product that mass wants.

5. Here’s The Halo Effect

As Edward Thorndike, once said, people tend to see a person’s performance as all good or all bad. This later came to be called the “Halo Effect.”

Put simply, Halo effect is a tendency to create an impression in an area to influence people. And marketers and advertising are using Halo effects for marketing their products. It is known that associating the product with something or someone is good. This process also helps them to increase the perceived value of the product.

In business, this is also called persuasion strategy. And reviews are the best way to start with this. Here are a few things that can help you acquire Halo Effect for your business.

  • To put the best foot forward, you can respond to all the reviews you have received on all the platforms. Customers love to see a proactive brand.
  • There will be times when you will receive negative reviews for your business. Do not see it as a disappointment. In fact, this is your chance to connect with your unhappy experience. You can address their issues. And make the changes required. Once it’s done, we are sure you customers will be happy to leave you a positive comment.

6. Social Proof  For Your Business

Imagine your customers are looking for a product you sell. And your product has only 35 customer reviews with 3.5 stars, while your competitor has 200 reviews with 4.1 stars for the same product. What do you think your target customer will choose?

Obviously, they will be drawn towards the products that have 200 happy customers. This phenomenon is known as social proof. People love to know what other people have purchased. And, more importantly, how other buyers perceive your brand. When people spend money on something, they look for reviews and recommendations. This social proof can come to you through reviews, testimonials, feedback or media coverage.

It is also important you know a mere validation from other existing customers can influence the purchase of your potential customers. And while we are at it, you should know that 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. The fact is, you can use social proof in so many ways. Have a look.

A great way to showcase social proof for your business is to create a case study of happy customers. A case study should emphasize the experience they had with your business. Traditionally, this is usually a deep dive into how it worked well for both parties.

Your business might receive feedback from customers. The general notion is to stick with the platform where your target customers hang out. But Google being universal can help you. In such cases, you can ask your customers to leave a review on Google. And later on, you can embed Google reviews on websites. When you add a widget for Google reviews on a website, you cut down the time taken by customers about your products.

In A Nutshell

While some of you may still doubt the customer reviews and ratings for your business, most readers will take the first mover advantage. Remember that reviews are the social proof for your business. Reviews can blatantly help you understand the buying journey and buyers’ psychology. You can then immediately work on it. We assure you, no matter what business you belong, you can rely on Google reviews.

With such immense benefits, you must know that opting to embed Google reviews on websites is not just a trend. Many businesses are amplifying their marketing efforts by opting to add a widget for Google reviews on websites.

We have mentioned why customer reviews and ratings are important for any business, including yours. We hope you will leverage all the benefits mentioned above for your business and your customers.


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