5 Digital Tools for Essay Writing: Tech Advice College Students Must Know

Let’s be honest: college years are mostly about paper writing. From admission essays to dissertations, the better your writing skills, the better your grades.

Of course, working on essays is quite painstaking. Research, outlining, drafting, editing, and proofreading take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, modern technology simplifies the entire writing process, increasing your productivity.

You can use a variety of apps to streamline these tasks or delegate the entire process to writing experts. Be sure to study essay service reviews to choose a reliable platform and trust it with your homework. The writers are skillful and experienced, so they know exactly what your paper needs. Thanks to their assistance, you will improve your academic performance while also saving time and effort.

In the guide below, we have collected five digital tools for essay writing that will make your papers structured, consistent and easy to read. So let’s get started!

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1. MindNode

Any work on an essay begins with building a structure. Thesis, arguments and examples — they must be logically connected. Besides, sometimes, you may get a sudden insight in the process of writing. All these elements need to be planned out.

However, if you struggle to organize your thoughts into a structured plan, here’s what you can do. In MindNode, you can store pictures, links and notes — everything you need for fruitful work. Be it useful sources, lecture notes, or teacher tips, you can collect them all in one place.

It is crucial to organize your thoughts correctly. As you delve deeper into the subject matter, you begin to see new connections, and mind mapping with digital tools will be super handy. Plus, the focus mode of the app will help you concentrate on the aspects you need.

Extra advice for college students is to change the design to make the document easier to read. Next, the finished file can be saved in various formats and sent to your professor or other students.


2. MindMap

Another convenient tool for structuring thoughts when writing your essays is MindMap. Here, you can create layouts and mind maps both on your own and with fellow students in real time. Therefore, if you want to assist a friend with an essay and vice versa, this service is suitable. It’s great for brainstorming.

Create layouts using drag-and-drop functionality and customize themes and templates. MindMap allows you to diversify your essays in a variety of ways, and it’s also excellent advice for college graduates to use it for more complicated, research-heavy papers.

3. Grammarly

So, you’ve built the skeleton of your essay and written a draft. Now is the time to start working on mistakes and bringing the text to perfection.

This AI-based editor is a grammar-checking tool. You can use its web version and a browser extension. Grammarly checks the text for 4 types of errors: grammar, spelling, stylistics and punctuation. So, if you missed a typo or made a mistake, Grammarly will find them in no time. With this platform, you will make your essay simply perfect.

4. Hemingway

Here’s one more great college advice for you. Alongside Grammarly, you can use Hemingway to make your essay truly amazing. Hemingway offers many options to improve your writing. The author himself was known for creating simple yet powerful texts. The editor with the same name helps you write in a similar style, freeing your text from complex structures that are hard to read.

Unlike Grammarly, this tool doesn’t notice typos or grammar errors that you may make. It has a different goal. Hemingway finds overloaded sentences and shortens them, making the text easier for readers to understand.

It points out passive voice, complex sentences, excessive use of adverbs, and overly difficult words. The editor uses highlighting to show you areas you can improve. For example, sentences that are difficult to read are highlighted in yellow and red.

5. Thesaurus.com

Do you need to find a suitable synonym? Is there a word on the tip of your tongue that you can’t remember exactly? That’s when a thesaurus will save the situation. Here’s good advice for college students: enter your query into the search bar, and the platform will select similar words for you. And you will also find excellent antonyms here.

This platform will also be your salvation if you often mention a certain term but want to avoid repetition. Thanks to synonyms, you will make your text richer and more engaging.

To Wrap It Up

Writing isn’t always as romantic as it is shown in the movies. Many students (even those who have a talent for it) can suffer from writer’s block. Plus, the tasks are becoming more difficult and require more in-depth research as you progress through your college career. Luckily, you can always make your life easier with the above-mentioned tools.

How to organize notes and not miss any source or reference? How to make your writing error-free? How to make it richer and smoother? In this article, we have collected tools that will definitely help you with all of these problems. The best advice for college students is to rely on tons of cool tools that will boost your creativity and help you create something truly brilliant.

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