5 Instagram Facts every Marketer Should know

Instagram is a giant among all social media platforms. Do you know why? Because it has everything and everyone is just nuts when it comes to Instagram. There are people that post almost every single minute of their life on instagram. Similarly brands post every new product they launch or share the glimpse of any new product that is about to be launched.

It is so exciting to see those little trailers until the final product is visible. It creates that excitement and rush in the minds. Brands like Nike, Amazon and some medium scale brands are utilizing instagram at its height. They have gained so much popularity and are still working to improve their presence on instagram.

This article is perfect for all the marketers that are looking for some facts that they do not know and are searching for. Maybe these facts will help you get that missing factor on your account.

User Base

There are more than a billion followers on instagram and more than 500 million pages that are consistently active on this platform. You cannot even think how many photos, reels and other content is shared on Instagram. The best part of it is that you can grow your account organically.

Yet there are so many influencers that resort to purchase instagram followers through online sites. Some of these followers are fake and others are real accounts who get paid to follow people. Marketers can use their user base to a great advantage if they know about them. Like on Instagram the major users are below 35. This age is where people buy more branded and flashy items. Marketers can use this information to improve presence on instagram.

It is obvious that people will follow their favorite brands or those brands that they wish to buy from. As per statistics, every user has at least one or two brands in their following list. So, if you as a marketer post something relevant then chances are your brand engagement will enhance.

Do you know what a marketer should keep in mind before posting any content? He must ensure that his content is entertaining, light hearted and funny. Following this will help him gain popularity on instagram.

Instagram Development

Instagram keeps on updating its app. Some of the recent developments include- IGTV feature, Insta Reels, Filters, Stories etc. In short, instagram has a dedicated team of people that manage its marketing and development. These features have led to a huge boom in the use of this social platform.

They have also promised their audience that in future they will bring even more updates and features. Being a marketer, it is your job to know about the recent and upcoming developments. It will help you adapt faster and give you the first mover advantage.


It is seen that on an average there are around 10 instagram hashtags which are connected to any post. Hashtags are a great source of increasing traffic on instagram. But be careful not to use many hashtags.

It can also reduce the engagement level on your account. The main point is using the correct and relevant hashtags with each post. Otherwise the purpose will not be fulfilled.

Analysis of the Content

It is all about content. Whether you start your journey or are towards measuring the results, it is all about content and content only. In fact you cannot grow or survive on Instagram if the content is not good. Some of the data has shown that the engagement level on a video is around 1.45 but on a photo is 1.74.

So, if you go by this data then you can get more engagement by posting photos than videos. But if you are more into video related content you can improve your engagement level by doing more promotions. The best of all is instagram stories. More than millions of people watch stories daily.


Marketers always have the greatest responsibility to cater the needs and wants of their customers. They have to prepare for all types of challenges. Due to the advent of technology already lots of things are changing and people are relying more on smartphones and computers. So, the above mentioned things are just the key points that marketers should know before joining instagram so they can better utilize the platform.

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