7 Tech Solutions To Implement At Your Workplace

Technology has modified the world in a whole different manner. Our numerous routine tasks are now entirely dependent on tech assistance. As a result, imagining life without digital equipment is a challenging task.

Digitalization has also impacted business growth and improved the quality of work. Automation of various functions is a trend to execute activities effectively and save time. However, we can say that just the change is constant in this fast-growing world. Multiple devices and technologies are introduced to assist businesses, and uncountable research is going on to upgrade the process.

In the field of human resources, technology has also had a significant impact. Tools for HR, such as applicant tracking systems and performance management software, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These tools can help HR professionals to streamline their processes and make data-driven decisions, saving time and improving the overall quality of work. Additionally, technology has made it easier for HR professionals to communicate with employees and manage remote teams. As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, we can expect to see even more tools for HR emerge in the coming years, providing new ways for HR professionals to support their organizations and their employees.

Digital Systems And Its Implementation Within The Organization 

Automated software is the new normal in business practices. As a result, numerous organizations are going digital fully or partially. According to Forbes, 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy or work on one. The accounting system, asset management, customer relationship management,  and attendance management are ideal examples of this category.

One of the tools you should implement in your workplace to keep employee satisfaction at a high level is employee engagement tools. This is very important in any workplace, but it can be time-consuming to do it “manually.” The good news is that technology is evolving very quickly. As a result, today, we can take advantage of many time-saving employee engagement tools that will help you work with and measure employee satisfaction.

Using these tools will improve team alignment and communication, ensure they are engaged, and give them fun new spaces to interact with each other.

Regarding Attendance Management Systems, primarily this software stores data on the cloud, so maintaining specific hardware or systems would not be a need. In addition, it delivers real-time assistance to businesses in their different activities. Various companies offer cloud-based software for different purposes. Like small business accounting software which helps the business in maintaining their finances automatically. They are flexible enough to make changes as per the need and can be integrated with the existing systems.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is now spreading wider in different practices for better work quality. Robotics is currently being implemented in industries to save costs and time by streamlining the process.

Role Of Attendance Management System

Organizations with a large workforce face various troubles in data management, salary generation, performance management, handling attendance, etc. Attendance regularization and leave management are the most significant ones containing numerous issues.

Attendance management software is the modern-day solution for effectively executing attendance regularization and leave management activities. It keeps the punch-ins, and punch-outs data on the cloud, calculates working hours, enables leave requests & approval, and tracks leave.

The attendance management automated software helps managers in various activities, optimizing billable workflows. It saves time from manual and complex attendance processes and removes errors. Even employees can be benefited through the system by receiving information of their work hours, requesting leave from the system, and receiving salaries based on attendance via system-enabled reports.

7 Attendance Automation Solutions To Implement

As mentioned earlier, multiple attendance or leave management software is available there. The features may vary from one company to another. Here we will discuss different software and their features assisting organizations in attendance or leave management:

1. Timenotes

Timenotes is a time & attendance management system improving the quality of the work. It is much more flexible and customizable to use. Managers can define every employee’s access to the system. Time off tracker allows users to enter various types of leaves; employees can send absence requests, receive email reminders, and other features. Payable hours and pay sheets based on attendance are also featured. Time entries are made automatically and can be edited in bulk. In addition, timenotes provide various reports such as project time and tasks time. Absence can be tracked in the calendar, holidays can be marked, absence types can be managed according to company policy, and many other functions can be executed through the system.

2. Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch is an automated application handling different organizations’ time and absence management operations. The AI-based system provides insights and analytics to turn high data volumes into actionable insights. The software is much more flexible to set rules & alerts based on industry and working regulations.  The absence management system includes various types of leaves that employees might need. Leaves can be tracked in real-time by the HR team and managers. The software automates the request & approval process of leaves. It has insights generation and reporting capabilities for effective productivity. Attendance and work hours can be tracked in remote times also.

3. Cezanne

Cezanne is an absence management application executing leave management operations of different enterprises. Employees can add request applications for time off from anywhere via the employee self-service portal, and managers can approve with a finger click. The system alerts when the employee’s sick leaves exceed the KPIs or notify about the overdue of the self-certification note. Fit notes, medical assessments, or other records can be kept against employee documents. It enables various kinds of leaves in the system so that the workforce can find the best suitable leave type. The software provides pre-configured reports of leaves, holidays, and actual working hours. It also delivers analytics regarding different elements.

4. Paylocity 

Paylocity offers businesses an effective solution to automate and streamline the time and attendance management of employees. It reduces the time managers spend on administrative tasks and can focus on other essential factors. Along with that, it also helps in payroll, performance management, and workforce management. It makes the HR departments work effectively and efficiently with the freedom to integrate the software, manage the employees’ life-cycle, and give quick feedback. Manual calculations are need not be done as the automated calculations are accurate and can also be customized.

5. Timelabs

Timelabs is a time attendance software to execute different activities and manage employees’ attendance. The system is web-based to be accessed anywhere at any time. HR can define multiple shifts, attendance policies, and overtime rules for various employee groups separately. Each organization can easily manage holidays and week-offs according to its policy. Managers and authorized persons can view timesheets employee-wise, and also they can update the data. It helps increase payroll activities by considering employees’ leaves and overtime. It enables roster shift planning to define different shifts daily, monthly, or custom basis.

6. Calamari

Calamari is a leave management system automating various processes of different companies. Managers can track employees’ vacations, day-offs, or remote work. It provides different leave types to find the best appropriate type for employees. Calamari automates leave request and approval flows that deliver enough flexibility to managers and employees. It allows the workers to attach medical certificates or other documents for absence requests. The software also enables remote work features to track employees’ work hours. It allows different integrations in the system to increase the accuracy of the process.

7. Eilisys 

Eilisys is an automated attendance management system that increases the efficiency of various activities. It automates the attendance calculation based on overtime, timings, and other parameters. It notifies employees via emails of their leave and approvals. Compensation can be generated against the overtime and used later. It enables easily configurable deduction policies for attendance exceptions. It allows integration with biometric devices or cards and records real-time data. The system offers configurable templates for employees with specific work patterns. In addition, the software features 30 professional report templates, reporting tools, and analytics. The software allows notifications for salary deductions due to attendance exceptions on email to employees and managers.

To Sum Up

So we went through digital trends that influence various business processes and discussed attendance management automation. Finally, we can land on one conclusion-tech is the world’s future, and operations cannot be executed without its assistance.

Above mentioned software and features can be taken as a reference for organizations looking for attendance automation.

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