How Can Summarizers Be Helpful For Content Writers?

As a content writer, you are always looking for shortcuts to do things. Every day, there are tools introduced that can be used as shortcuts. For example, now you can use ChatGPT to generate outlines instead of doing it manually.

Summarizers also exist in the market for a while now, and if you don’t know about it, you are missing a lot of shortcuts. In this article, we will talk about how summarizers can be life-changers for content writers. 

What is a Summarizer?

A summarizer is a tool that can help you write the summary of any piece of text, including blog posts, research papers, etc. AI technologies are used by these tools to understand and take out the main points of the text.

After taking out the main points of the text, it can give the results in different forms (i.e., paragraphs, bullet points, etc.). 

Types of Summarizer

Two types of summarizers exist, and both use different types of summarizing techniques. 

Extractive AI Summarizer

A simple summarizer is a tool that uses basic AI technologies to understand the important points or sentences of the text and extract them from the text as it is, then combine the points to form a paragraph. This technique is called the extractive summarizing technique. 

Abstractive AI Summarizer

On the other hand, AI summarizers use advanced AI technologies to understand the main and important points of the text, and then write those in their own words. This is called the abstractive summarizing technique. 

How Can Summarizers Help Content Writers?

Is it really helpful for content writers? If you still don’t think so, below are some ways in which it can be proven a shortcut for you.

Write Blog Summary

One of the greatest things that summarizers can do is help you write a summary of a blog. A blog summary is the main points of a blog summarized in one paragraph. Content writers know the importance of blog summaries, as they can be used in a variety of places such as:

  • Blog intros
  • Email newsletters, etc.

It also helps readers who don’t have time or just don’t want to read everything in detail, they can read the summary. If a writer isn’t using a summarizer, he is probably writing the summary manually, which is taking a lot of his time and effort.

That’s where he can use a summarizer. All he will need to do is, find the right tool, add the blog into the tool, adjust some settings or modes, and summarize!

Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are very short descriptions of the article that are used to tell the search engines what the blog or article is about. Summarizers can help you write this as well.

Some summarizing tools have a mode called ‘best line.’ You can use it to write the Meta description. In this mode, the summarizing tool using its AI finds out the best line in your text and takes it out as it is.

This best line is the one that describes the blog properly or is the most important one, which makes it usable as a Meta description.

Meet the Word Limits

Sometimes, you have to write text within a certain limit, but you exceed it. Now, you’re probably trying to change the words and shorten it. Don’t waste your time like that. Use a summarizing tool.

Let’s take the example of a Meta description. A Meta description is supposed to be 160 characters max. If you exceed it, it won’t show up properly. You can use a summarizer to shorten it and meet the word limit.

Helper in Research

Another great thing that you can do is take the help of summarizers in the research process. As a writer, you know the importance of research. The research is done by taking out the main points from research papers or articles across the web, which is done by reading the article.

You don’t have to read the whole article to find the main points anymore. All you need to do is, paste the whole article in a summarizing tool, and it will come up with the main points discussed in that article. No need to go through the whole research paper or article manually.


And that’s it for this article. Summarizers are becoming popular and used by many writers nowadays. This article was all about why it’s getting popular and how it can help you if you are a content writer.

If you are a writer, summarizing tools are for sure a great shortcut for you. We hope this article helped you understand the importance of using tools like a summarizer in your writing process.

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