Need An Office For Your Marketing Company? Five Things To Consider

When you started your marketing company, you probably always wanted it to grow to the level where you’d need more space to run it. However, now that this has happened, you’ll likely be excited, as well as a bit stressed. This is understandable!

As any company grows, there’s the need to expand the operating space, the team, and the technology that’s used. So, if you’ve been running your marketing company with a group of other freelancers from your home office, you’ll all need to have a chat about where you’re going to move to either for the entire working week or part of the working week.

In short, you may need to rent an office space.  Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean soulless cubicles with grey walls, and, as it’s for a marketing team, the add-ons that you’ll need will be pretty basic. So, what do you need to look into when choosing an office space for your marketing team? Here’s a quick guide.


Full-Time Renting?

Chances are that if your company is expanding, you won’t have a lot of money to spend on your new office rental. So, this leads to the question of how you’re going to be able to expand.

Well, there’s some good news here; have you ever heard of co-working? This is a more flexible approach to working in an office, where you and your team will only have access to the office space for a few days a week (or a few hours if that suits you), and the rest of the time, the space is used in a similar fashion by other businesses.

There are coworking desks in London, New York, and even Sydney, so wherever you are in the world, you’ll likely be able to get your hands on a co-working contract in your nearest city or even your nearest town. So, get looking, save money, and use the space to expand!



When choosing an office (whether part-time or full-time) for your marketing team, you’ll need to think about the location. It needs to be easily accessible for your team and for any clients who may want to visit it to talk business with you. So, for most people, this will mean that the office will need to be within a reasonable commute for your team for meetings or days of the week that are set aside for specific tasks.

Also, being located somewhere more urban, your office space will allow your team to mingle with other teams that are sharing the space, allowing potential collaboration on projects with other teams of professionals. So, it may be beneficial to your team in more ways than you think!



If you have a team of around ten staff, there’s no point in renting an office that can only accommodate five. Make sure that you visit the office space before you sign on the dotted line to begin the rental period.

If you’re pushing to expand further, it may be an idea to take out a lease with an office rental company that will allow you to upgrade your office space free of charge or for a minimal additional fee. That way, if you have more staff coming in, you can accommodate them without any issues.  Also, look at the layout; is it open plan? Or are you looking for an area that allows you to have meetings in a private room as well as the standard office area?



When you’re running a marketing company, you’re going to need access to high-speed internet, as well as computers that have specific programs on them to help with website development and design. This way, you can give your clients the best outcome for your services and improve client satisfaction. So, be sure to check this out, as well as the office break area, the kitchen, and even the nearby restaurants or cafes. Facilities also demand smart selections in office furniture to foster an efficient and comfortable working environment. Selecting the right desk computer from Wayfair not only provides a designated space for technology but can also reflect the aesthetic and functional needs of your marketing team. These choices contribute significantly to client satisfaction by showcasing a well-organized and tech-savvy setup. In addition to the tech essentials, don’t overlook the smaller details that make a big difference in the daily work environment. For instance, the restrooms should be comfortable and well-maintained, and using ASI phenolic partitions can enhance both privacy and overall aesthetics. It’s these thoughtful touches in the office, like a well-equipped break area or a cozy kitchen, that can boost morale and make the workplace feel more welcoming.


Your Brand’s Image and Culture

You need to think about how the office space can be adapted to reflect your marketing team’s culture. You’ll need to make sure that the space is designed in a way that allows you to showcase your brand’s logo, as well as help your team to work to their full potential when they’re there.

Remember, you’ll likely be using this space to meet with clients, so it’s best to make sure it shows you and your team in the best light. So, get designing and make sure the space motivates your team. As a tip, it may be worth staying away from grey as a color scheme!

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