Review of Are They Best Academic Writing Services For Students in 2024?

The studying process is often accompanied by difficulties, especially when it comes to assignments that the student has never completed before. Typically, students struggle when they have to write paper assignments, such as essays or something a lot more complicated, like a term paper.

Usually, students have time to gain experience by writing shorter assignments, but even these tasks require experience. In this case, they can use the “do my paper” service, like the one we are about to review in this article. Check out this article to learn about, what it offers, and what users say about this essay writing service and the quality of their work.

About the Paper Writing Service

This paper writing service is like a superhero for students because it provides help when it seems like everything is lost. On a serious note, the company is a type of “help me write my paper” service that has a wide range of services (more on that further). One of the reasons why we consider this company a good choice is the huge experience of the company (works since 2009) and positive reviews from users.

If you google this service, plus the word “reviews,” the first search option reveals that out of almost 700 reviews, the service has 4.6/5. It is a great rating and means that most clients are satisfied.

But what else is so cool about the company? Well, the company has local writers who are super skilled at giving you a hand with all kinds of projects. The company can help with such tricky assignments as essays, big dissertations, long theses, confusing lab reports, or even important cover letters.

How The Service Works And What It Offers

Now, let’s talk about what the company promises. The company promises three big things: quality work, being right on time, and making sure everything is unique and original. Sounds awesome, right? But does it all check out? The reviews seem to prove that, yes, the team follows the deadlines, and the writers manage to write assignments according to specific requirements.

Now, let’s dive a bit into the details of what types of assignments the company writes. These writers don’t just create simple essays; they know that students have all sorts of tasks so that they can get all kinds of help from real experts. So, here are a few examples of what you can order:

  • The website has writers who know how to do their homework, make an outline, and craft an awesome essay from scratch. The company has people with major degrees and even Ph.D. holders, which means they know their stuff.
  • This type of academic paper can be a bit of a headache, but not for these writers, it seems. The good news is that the company has academic writers from English-speaking countries who know the drill, and their degrees help them write quality papers.
  • Case study. These authors can create case studies that fit your needs specifically so that a professor won’t figure out that someone helped you with your work.
  • Research paper. This type of work is pretty intimidating, especially considering that it has to be written according to strict guidelines. Luckily, this service seems to have enough experience and skill to create great-quality case studies. You should attach the guidelines given by your professor or educational establishment, and the writers at the company will follow these instructions.

The company also offers other amazing solutions, not just writing from scratch. We have all been in a situation when we have a long text, and we must proofread it: it is frustrating, and no one wants to do that after spending so much time writing the assignment.

Thші paper writing website has proofreading and editing services, so you can trust your text and let the editors do their professional jobs. Moreover, many people may not see their mistakes and typos, especially after rereading the text too soon; that is where the company can help.

If you have got some tricky question-and-answer assignments or complex home tasks, the writing website is here to save the day. The company’s authors are experienced and qualified to handle even the toughest assignments and tests. Computer science, accounting, and even business management are those subjects that are easy to this team.

Quality Guarantees

Now, let’s talk a bit about the quality of papers. The company states on its official website that it never sells pre-written papers. The company perceives selling pre-written papers as an unfair action and has a strict policy prohibiting this. If a customer discovers that the essay writing website sent a pre-written paper, they can contact Customer Support and request a full refund. The company claims that the writer (potentially a new one) will rewrite the paper.

The company formats all custom-written papers according to the client’s requirements, and this service is free of charge (unlike many other companies’ services). If you don’t specify formatting directions, your work will be double-spaced with a 12-point Arial font and 1-inch margins. All pages are double-spaced by default, and the average page has roughly 275 words.

The service guarantees that all papers are original and properly cited (the service promises that they use credible sources). The essay writing company uses a reputable plagiarism checker to verify the uniqueness of your work. You may also request the work to be checked by a specific plagiarism checker requested by your professor or education system.

The company evaluates all papers because of the potential effects of plagiarism on academic achievement. However, many plagiarism detection systems store all submitted papers in a database, making it impossible to check a document for plagiarism more than once. So, if you attempt to check the paper a second time, the system may indicate a 100% level of plagiarism. But we will attach a report that shows that the work is unique.

If a customer believes that their order didn’t meet its requirements, they can request a free revision. Customers also have the option to cancel their order and expect to receive a refund following the money-back guarantee policy.

Payment Methods

The company has a policy of asking clients to pay for the task first. It is a standard process because many clients in the past used to get the work first and then leave without paying. Rest assured, the company delivers the orders; otherwise, the company wouldn’t made it since 2009.

When it comes to paying for your order on the website, the company has you covered with plenty of options. WriteMyPapers makes it simple to settle your bill, so it offers quite a few convenient options. Moreover, don’t worry about leaks of personal and financial information: the website has an SSL certificate that protects your data. Now, back to payment methods.

First, you can use your credit card to pay. The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. So, pick your favorite, and you are good to go. Second, if you aren’t too keen on sharing your card number, the company also accepts PayPal. This is a global system that is known for being safe and secure. So, when you use PayPal, you can be sure your money will reach the service without any hiccups.


You can check out the prices on the official website of the company because there is a detailed table that explains how the company charges its clients. We will show you a few examples of costs and how some factors affect the price.

Example 1: 8-page book review with a 14-day deadline (Bachelor level)

If you are a Bachelor-level student and you have got a bit of time, you are in luck. For an 8-page book review, it will cost you $11 per page. Multiply that by 8 pages, and your total comes to $88. Since you aren’t in a hurry, you get the lowest price.

Example 2: 8-page book review with a 12-hour deadline (Bachelor level)

Now, let’s say you have got a tight deadline of 12 hours. The company understands the rush, but it adjusts the price accordingly. For a Bachelor-level 8-page book review with this truly short deadline, it will be $22 per page. That is $176 in total. When you need it fast, it costs more, but the writers make sure to get it done on time.

Final Thoughts

So, what can we say about WriteMyPapers? If you are stuck and can’t get over writer’s block, consider this company because it provides quality services. The writers of the company who write papers for students have positive reviews from users (you can find them online), and clients are satisfied with the quality and speed of completing tasks. If you want to keep your grades at a good level without paying a fortune, this company can come in handy, especially if you don’t wait till the last minute to place an order.

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