Seven Ways How Roku Can Help You to Grow Your Business

The statistics are clear: The world loves Video on Demand (VoD). In 2023, almost 92% of all internet users watched online videos weekly, and VoD was the fastest-growing video segment. This is great news for marketers because 93% of businesses gain new customers due to branded video content.

This trend means that if your business wants to leverage the power of video, it needs more than just a few YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook videos. That’s why businesses are increasingly looking to brand channels on platforms like Roku.

Here’s a convincing business case for starting your own Roku VoD channel to grow your business.

Stand out From the Crowd

Video-on-demand (VoD) platforms have an advantage over social media platforms for businesses. For example, Roku, one of the most popular video platforms in the US, has a dedicated audience that is looking specifically for streaming content. One of Roku’s main advantages is its reputation as a neutral platform that doesn’t prioritize content from any particular service.

Compared to social media platforms for businesses, Roku offers more space for your creativity. There is far less competition, so your company can shine.

You can easily set up a library of on-demand content and create a unique, outstanding, well-branded channel. Upload your videos to a compatible server or CDN, and then use the Roku Direct Publisher to link your content and create the channel.

Reach Dedicated Viewers With Higher Engagement Rates

Viewers are increasingly turning to niche channels on digital platforms for entertainment, learning, and keeping up with industry developments.

Simultaneously, innovative companies are moving to reduce the restrictions of monopolistic platforms like YouTube. They’re decentralizing their media content by offering on-demand videos on other platforms.

Create Familiar Viewing Experience for Hard-to-Reach Audiences

VoD platforms like Roku are an excellent way to reach people who spend little time on YouTube or prefer to avoid social media platforms. Roku gives you direct access to the audience who like watching videos on their TVs.

However, the Roku app is also available for other devices. It means you can still reach those who only watch content on mobile devices or computers.

Wring Every Drop of Value From Your Media Production Budget

Producing high-quality video content for your social media channels can be expensive. Consider using both Roku and YouTube to get the most out of your media production budget. Adding another VoD channel can justify the cost of creating content for all your marketing channels.

You can use Roku for long-form video experiences and repurpose the content for other platforms. Cross-promotion between platforms can drive traffic to each other.

Broaden Your Reach With Global Opportunities

Savvy VoD users know that if they use a VPN, Roku can give them access to geo-restricted high-value channels. Viewers in countries outside the US often use a VPN to connect to a US server, which allows them to watch content that is only available in the US. This practice can multiply your global reach.

Many users outside the US follow relevant business channels worldwide for learning, professional growth, and business advice. Take some time to connect your Roku device via a VPN and start browsing. You’ll soon spot marketing opportunities you may have missed if you stick to the regional Roku channel menu!

Recoup the Cost of a Business Channel

There are myriad ways to monetize your content to offset marketing costs and make a profit.

  • Roku offers Ad-Based Revenue and partnerships with Video Advertising Networks (VANs). It also has a Partner Payouts Program that allows you to monetize your content with ads from the Roku environment.
  • Channels that offer learning or limited high-quality content can charge viewers a subscription fee. They can also offer Pay-Per-View special events or premium content.
  • You can sell direct advertising slots, raise funds through donations or crowdfunding, or get a sponsor to cover the channel’s operating costs.
  • You can sell merchandise through your channel.

Start With a Low-Cost Approach

If you start small, video hosting can be a trivial expense. However, starting a Roku business channel does not need to be expensive or complicated. You can create a free Roku channel without significant upfront costs – and without knowing any coding. All you need is a Roku device and an account, although you need to host videos yourself.

Multiply Your Marketing Opportunities

A dedicated channel on a VoD platform like Roku will broaden your business’s reach without diluting your message. A small investment in a Roku channel can allow you to sell your products or monetize the content for extra income. It’s a creative and innovative way to stand out from the competition and maximize the value of your media production budget.

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