Video Marketing Strategy Guide: How to Create a Winning Plan for Your Business

If you haven’t already guessed, Google has gazillions of goodies when it comes to promoting your brand and creating social media accounts. Right now, the big buzz is all about video marketing! With videos, brands can give their potential customers a number of options by catering to their many needs. Have you heard the saying: “A picture says a thousand words.”? Video marketing is such a powerful tool that with just 3-second clips, brands can tell consumers exactly what they have to offer in as few words as possible while also bringing along personality and animation! However, be careful because there are so many different factors at play when it comes to this type of marketing, like platforms and channels, for example!

Marketing is a very competitive field nowadays. Brands are racing to dominate their niches by establishing trust and brand loyalty with consumers as soon as possible. Video-based marketing is a great way to establish this because your potential customers can have an easier time identifying with your brand’s personality. However, it’s important for brands to outline a clear video-based marketing strategy, or else they might not know how to make the most of this medium in their favor!

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Brings Results


Chalk Out Your Buyer Persona

Today, the power of online video has started to overtake that of television. Six out of ten people now prefer to watch their content online instead of on television sets. The main reason for this sudden switch is their ability to target an audience directly. As a brand, you can take advantage of this trend if you are able to define your buyer persona first.

Factor things like age, ethnicity, gender, and lifestyle into those descriptions to get a clear picture of your audience’s personality traits and behaviors. Once you know who they are it will be easier for you to find one tone that would appeal most effectively to your target group as opposed to creating a multitude at once which is never a good idea as it could quickly go badly wrong!

Convey the Right Message 

According to research, 64% of consumers trust a brand more when they see videos of the brand. For this reason, it is important that you maintain consistency across all your brand’s videos. By ensuring that every video tells a clear and concise story while furthering your brands’ message(s), you are likely to win over trust! As a brand, you want to incorporate your logo (or slogan) with an online video editor into each video as much as you can. In addition, use your brand color(s) in each frame.

Schedule Your Content

With the changing trends of digital advertising, consistency is the key to success in the realm of marketing. Remember video-making requires more preparation and resources, so a weekly schedule would be best.

For first-timers or those without experience or personnel, a realistic goal could keep you ahead when it comes to your target audience’s needs. A schedule can also help create regular content as well as maintain consistent branding and appearance throughout everything you produce. By staying consistent with your own brand, you will attract and maintain viewership from people who will be familiar with your business.

Spend Wisely

While our video marketing tools give smaller and newer brands a fairground to gather attention the same way well-established companies have been doing, it’s important not to forget that merely creating a video doesn’t guarantee success.

However, simply looking at how videos are used on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter will reveal that not all of them were professionally shot or edited by production companies with the high-end video editor tools. In fact, only larger businesses of considerable size can rely on big-budget productions. So plan your PR campaign in accordance with your business goals, the audience you wish to reach out to, and how much money you’re willing to spend towards your marketing strategy.

Broaden Your video Content

Now, why should companies invest in video marketing strategies for their product? Well, the answer is simple, twofold if you think about it. No one can argue that digital media has become a vital part of our lives. If a company makes simple and compelling videos, there is no telling how many views they will gain on YouTube!

The allure of watching videos, especially on mobile devices riding high as one of the most consumed forms of content across age groups has created a perfect backdrop for brands to establish their presence on YouTube using promotional clips with various engaging elements like quirky behind-the-scenes footage, interviewing brand insiders and customers regarding their experience with your products. By 2022 educational videos will be more lucrative than ever before — this means exciting times ahead, believers! So consider including such kinds in your future video marketing tactics.

Break the Tasks 

Once you’ve developed the basic strategy for your video-based marketing campaign, break up the process into more manageable tasks. Shifting through the gears of each activity can be time-consuming, so it’s best to make a checklist of them all and check off each activity as it gets created.

You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have a bunch of tasks completed but no final product to show for it! If you’re working with other people on this project, take time at this stage to assign roles and responsibilities for all members involved. This way, everyone knows their role in the campaign development, and there is more ownership and efficiency. For example, if you are working with marketing or design specialists, allocate tasks specific to these individuals, like coming up with an appropriate title or setting up some SEO keywords.

Make Your Video More Effective

As a content creator, it is absolutely critical to ensure that your videos are getting the visibility they deserve. One way to increase online visibility is by using keywords related to your niche. 

Be sure to use the keywords in your titles and descriptions as a primary way of securing more views. Try videos that are between 3 and 5 minutes in length to keep viewers engaged because they’ll be able to see everything you have to offer without it feeling too long! It’s important not to forget about calls-to-action at the end of your video – so don’t leave anyone hanging!

Focus on Sound Effects

One of the most effective ways to connect with an audience is by using video content. As expected, the most common mistake novice video editors make is ignoring the audio layer of videos. If a project is relying on visual impact for marketing purposes, then under-regarding audio could prove to be an enormous downfall in the future.

The audio quality or lack thereof can heavily influence your end product’s screening ability and company reputation in general! Luckily, there are many ways, like an online video editor, you can experiment with background ambiances and ambient sounds to compliment your project’s vision.


Video marketing is a powerful tool for building your brand, engaging with customers, and driving more conversions to your website. It can help your business to gain visibility, create an online presence, and make your brand familiar to your audiences. With so many options for video marketing, deciding which one of them to use can be quite a hassle. However, you need to keep a few basic things in mind while choosing a video marketing strategy, which we’ve mentioned above.

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