Review: Is it worth it for content writers?

Nowadays, it is crucial to come up with new ideas. Therefore, there’s a high demand for rewriting tools in the market. One standout option is It is a great tool for writers who want to enhance or improve their writing.

It uses NLP technology to understand and recreate new ideas. It helps people write in an honest and ethical way.

This tool allows users to improve their writing while still being original and following academic rules.

With its simple interface and focus on making writing clear and more original, is useful for anyone seeking to enhance their writing skills.

So let’s explore all the features and other tools.

Features of

Sentence offers several features to help you improve your writing:

  • This tool can rewrite sentences to sound more engaging. It essentially acts like an editor, suggesting changes to improve your sentence structure and flow.
  • The tool helps you find alternative words to replace repetitive ones, improving your writing style and variety.
  • can automatically fix common grammar errors, ensuring your writing is polished and error-free.
  • The tool can adjust the tone and formality of your writing to suit your target audience.
  • It helps you paraphrase text to avoid unintentional plagiarism.
  • It has other tools that help generate and expand the text.

Let’s test to see if it is worth it for content writers

Now you know what is and what its unique features are. Let’s  review how it works and what type of result it provides. This tool has three different modes, but today we’ll focus on just two to see how they’re different.

So, first I searched for a sentence rewriter on the search engine.

There I saw two empty boxes and immediately gave my sentence prompt to this amazing tool: “The cookies were devoured in minutes by the hungry children at the party.” 

This tool allowed me to adjust its mode, but I preferred to go with its default mode, which is standard.

After choosing its mode, I simply clicked on the “rewrite sentence” button.

After clicking for the final results, the tool quickly gave me a new version of my sentence in a paraphrased text box. It was amazing to see how it changed my sentence!

It made the sound of the sentence better and more interesting. As you can see in the screenshot below:

This tool provided me with the best results. This result showed me that I am at the right place where I can change my content and make it better. By rewording my content, this tool made it more meaningful and worthy.

Now let’s take another example, providing another prompt to this tool.

Now, I wanted to see what it would do with a longer paragraph, so I changed the mode to formal. After giving a prompt, I simply clicked the “rewrite sentence” button.

Here was the final outcome of the formal mode. After analyzing both results, I personally felt that its formal mode was more complicated.

Although it is good, I felt the first test was more beneficial and gave accurate results.

From my experience, I think is a great tool. If you think this tool looks interesting after reading my review, you can try it out.


  • Easy to Use
  • Free to Use
  • Offers multiple modes, like standard, fluency and formal
  • Rephrases sentences quickly, saving you time


  • Rewrite up to 200 words at a time

Other Tools That Can Help Writers

Paragraph generator and paragraph expander

The sentence rewriter also offers a paragraph generator. This generator generates content that is also useful for content writers. It provides accurate and unique content that is similar to human writing.

Let us test this tool by providing a specific topic that I would like to write about.

I asked the paragraph generator to write about online marketing strategies. Let’s see what it provided me with:

This was the final outcome of this tool. It provided me with a paragraph of 77 words on online marketing strategies.

Now you have another option if you want to expand this paragraph, so it can be done by a paragraph expander. Which helps you expand the short paragraphs into an appropriate length.

So, I simply clicked on the expand button, and it jumped on the paragraph expander.

Then, I pasted my generated paragraph in the empty box and clicked on the Expand Paragraph button.

You can see how it expands the paragraph to 141 words and not only expands it but also autocorrects some grammatical mistakes, which was quite impressive.


The best thing about the sentence rewriting tool is that it is free to use. You have access to all its features without any cost.

Final Thoughts

The AI sentence rewriter helps in writing content without copying others. It amazingly changes sentences into fresh and unique content. Although it suggests the best results that make my writing more meaningful and authentic,. In the above discussion, you can see the reliability and credibility of this tool.

You see how gracefully it provides me with results without applying any extra effort to this tool. However, you can see that this tool amazingly streamlines the process of writing for anyone who faces boring and uninteresting writing. The advanced algorithms of this tool are beneficial for anyone who wants to write honestly and without worrying about copying someone else’s work.

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