The Ultimate Social Media Guide for B2B Companies

McKinsey study laid down a survey extract which revealed that over 97% of B2B buyers prefer going for a “completely digital and self-service model” to make a purchase. They have the potential to spend over $50k.

The study rightly portrays the need to have a 360-degree marketing solution for the B2B companies. Each wing of marketing plays an individual role in uplifting a brand’s identity and progress. For example, with content marketing you can reap the following benefits:

  • Enhance brand awareness (86%)
  • Build credibility and trust (75%)
  • Educate the target audience (79%)

Perks of Social Media Marketing for a B2B Company

A report from Buffer stated, around 79% of brands have found social media campaigns to be “somewhat effective” or “very effective”.

The perks of social media campaigns are enormous. You can generate traffic, increase awareness, enhance visibility of your brand, interact with customers more efficiently and even practice Omnichannel marketing strategies.

Some other benefits are listed down below:

  • Drives Referral Traffic
  • Offers A Cost-Effective Content Promotion Avenue
  • Expands Your Brand Reach
  • Builds Valuable Connections
  • Ensures Social Listening

Strategies To Create Social Media Campaigns for Your B2B Company

Here is a thing for B2B ecommerce websites, you need to adopt every technique that can make you stay consistent on the social media platforms. The B2B buying process is a bit lengthy and different. The consumers have their own business and have a huge budget to invest in. They want to pick the most reliable entity that can help them prosper. So, the main goal is to build trust and assurance. Here are some promising tips that can be of great help to you.

· Pick Right the Right Platform

The first step is to pick the right platform for your brand. Before you plan your campaign, you need to learn about the demographics of your platform and understand how others are catering for the audience on it. For a B2B business, the best platform is LinkedIn as it’s a hub of professionals and business entrepreneurs. You do not need to penetrate within the industry by attracting a single consumer as it’s not B2C. You need people with authority, with ventures. This guarantees that LinkedIn messages will resonate with the individuals who represent the prospective consumer base.

Note that never plan your marketing campaigns based on assumptions. If your competitors are not on a specific platform that does not mean that it’s not favorable for your brand either.

· Analyze Your Audience

Your target audience can give you such many aspects that if you work on it, you can create a robust campaign for your business. You can be able to generate tons of revenues in no time. All you need to do is to carry out social listening. According to which you have to read the comments and reviews of your audience and find out what is the thing that is creating trouble for them. You need to know then closely and find out the flaws and areas that needs improvisation.

· Create Brand Awareness

You need to make sure your audience is aware about your brand. Create such posts that can deliver the crunch idea of your services and reflect the aspects that can make you stand apart. You have to keep a close eye on the confusions that can surround your business model or brand’s ideology. Sometimes, what you want the people to understand becomes so cloudy. You need to clear the air through your posts.

· Stay Trendy

You need to plan your brand as per the current and present situation. Its good to raise your voice for political, social or cultural issues. But be clear with your stand. Try to stick with the positive side of the story. Do not incorporate one- or two-person’s judgement or analyses.

Furthermore, you need to stick to interesting and professional writing style. Remember who your target audience. You are not targeting individual customers here, instead, your focus is on entrepreneurs. You need to find out the right way to hold conversations and interact with them.

·  Offer Referral Programs

If you would have a B2C firm you would have gone for organizing social contest but that’s irrelevant as you are focusing on businesses. So, what you must do is to create referral programs. You need to offer discount cards to those who refer other organizations to get products from your site. You have to know the right way of approaching your target audience and that is only possible if you rightly penetrate into the industry.

·  Stay Active on social media

Make sure to keep a consistency on social media platforms. Do not get vanished into thin air. You need to know the trick of scheduling your posts in a way that your audience keep seeing your brand name. The more it appears the more connected they would be and the more trust they can have. You need to find out ways to stay connected to your people.

·  Share User-Generated Content

The best trick is to share user generated content with your target audience. You need to make sure that your audience get aware of how amazing your services is and what your clients think about the products they have purchased. The best trick is to share feedbacks and user generated content. You can even offer discounts to those who create a video of them using the product and sharing their delightful feedback. In this way you get to gather a lot of material to showcase on your profile.

Wrap Up

The ecommerce B2B industry is booming with new entities surfacing every now and then. In this phase of fierce competition, tech advancements and innovation, you need to buckle up with promising strategies. You need to find out the right way to create a presence. You need to mark your own stance and bring the change for your brand. All of the listed strategies are proven and can build a noticeable presence online.

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